(Serious) What is the worst thing you’ve ever seen on Reddit that caused you to have a significant physical/visceral reaction?

(Serious) What is the worst thing you’ve ever seen on Reddit that caused you to have a significant physical/visceral reaction?

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  1. Funky town filet video where cartel members torture a man alive by flaying his skin off the face, stabbing his chest, and cutting off his fingers… all while funky town plays on shitty radio in the background behind the laughs of the torturers and the gurgling whimpering of the tortured. How can the human mind function through that kind of pain and mutilation? And for so long too…

    Only video I have ever had a physical reaction to… starting to dissociate and felt nausea. I thought I was going to throw up. I had to turn it off after like 45 seconds.

  2. Since got removed, but it was from some edgy sub where they post fucked up shit. They posted a video of a guy getting caught ina high-torque lathe while it was running. It was as graphic as it sounds.

  3. I’m usually pretty good at avoiding shit I don’t want to see but the ones I recall are

    – funky town
    – a badly broken ankle with the bone protruding
    – a guy with his face eaten off by a bear
    – a guy who had stretched out his dick hole and was letting live wasps crawl over and into his dick.

  4. Parents of severely disabled people saying they would prefer if their children died. I cried for some good 20 minutes reading the thread, just imagining how it must be like for those kids.

  5. I came across a comment with a link to a type of porn that was based on torture.. like mostly animated stuff but some people even masturbate to pictures of crime scenes or dead people in general. I was nauseous for days.

  6. Anything involving bone breaking… There was one in particular where a guy knocks this dude out, then proceeds to break both of his arms whilst the guy is unconscious… *shivers*

    I can handle gore, but anything with bone breaking? Nopppppeeeee.

  7. Was being edgy and scrolling one of the gore subreddits. Came across a deceased and tortured child corpse. I cried for hours after that and haven’t been back to those subs since.

  8. Someone linked a post from 7 years ago of someone who ejaculated into bottled for years, then took pictures of their bottles of jizz by year. It’s pretty much the most nauseating thing I’ve seen during my month or so on Reddit (yes, I know my account is 4 years old, but I honestly haven’t done anything with it until about a month or so ago).

  9. There was some pretty gnarly stuff on watchpeopledie before they shut it down. Off the top of my head I remember a girl getting bashed in the head with a bigass log, and the way she was still “alive” but the lights were gone from her eyes, that blank expression when she was pleading right before stuck with me. Some young looking kid with his hands tied behind his back being stabbed to death with a screw driver, the noise that made stuck with me too. I also remember a satisfying one of ISIS members who’d been captured being tossed into a ditch and shot up one by one by soldiers in the middle east. All kinds of craziness in there, probably a good thing they closed it.

  10. On r/trashy, a lady seriously thought she was pregnant with a baby that was half horse. Don’t think I need to explain why she thought that was a possibility. I still get nauseous when I remember it.

  11. The foot taco thing hasn’t left my mind. It was somehow much worse than the idea of simply eating human flesh. Preparing your own from an amputated foot? Fuck.

  12. I remember a post where a woman was asking advice after her husband had organized his friends to gang rape her.

    The only saving grace was she said she had locked herself in the bathroom with the sheets afterwards as she waited for the police.

    I guess you never even know if this stuff is real, but if it was, I certainly hope she got justice.

  13. Just go to r/All and sort by new. It’s like seeing this chaotic, distorted, disgusting, Cthulu/Lovecraftian creature come out of a portal to hell.

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