[Serious] What is your trick to fall asleep quickly?

[Serious] What is your trick to fall asleep quickly?

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  1. Get in comfortable position.

    Three slow deep breaths. In through nose, hold a few seconds, out through mouth.

    Mental image tour of old houses I’ve lived in, grandparents old house, house I’m planning to build but haven’t yet.

    Something about the imagery, being calming but focused, that does it for me. I’m asleep before I finish the walk-through.

  2. weighted blankets or heating pads help me, making sure your feet are warm and maybe coming up with your own stories in your head could help keep thoughts from going everywhere

  3. Get up at the same time every day, even on days you don’t have to be anywhere. This will set a routine, and you will naturally want to go to bed 6-8 hours before your getting-up time.

  4. Use the bed only to sleep. No phone/laptop in the bed. If I’m not tired or can’t fall asleep fast, I go do something boring on the couch, or read on the couch. When tired, I go to the bed to try again.

    After a while your brain will link the bed to sleep, and falling asleep will be much easier.

  5. Working out every day, walk a lot – – this is to tire out the body. And then read, talk with a lot of people, work/ solve problems – – this is to tire out the mind. So every day when my head touches the pillow I’m falling asleep instantly.

    But what if you wanna fall asleep right now? Put on some calming music of your preference or like a lecture, close the windows, drape them so it’s completely dark in the room. Then lay down, close your eyes and start listening to your breath. It works every time for me. I’m like hypnotised by my own breath.

  6. Audiobooks. I have a tablet next to my bed loaded with audiobooks with an app that stops playing after a certain time (“simple ABP free” on Android)

  7. Somewhat to my surprise I didn’t see any replies along these lines. A lot of friends I know who complain about sleep troubles are sedentary most of the day, primarily for work. But then lot of times their free time is largely spent laying around watching TV for example. Filling up one’s day with activity and sprinkling in moderate amount of physical fitness (not too close to bedtime) may do wonders for some.

    Nothing puts me to sleep quicker than just…having a full day. You don’t have to unnaturally force yourself to be “busy” but let’s face it, you’ll be more tired if you’ve done a lot of shit all day (hey, can be fun shit).

  8. I love sleeping. I can nap pretty much on demand. I attribute this to being able to day dream very easily. A cozy blanket, make sure the sun isn’t in your eyes, jobs a good un! Also works whist reading.

  9. Thinking about my husband or best friend cuddling with me on the couch. No TV on or anything like that. Just me and him, existing peacefully together, holding each other and feeling each other’s heartbeats. The feeling of comfort and safety does it for me.

  10. With my eyes closed, I imagine I’m looking far, far into the distance. I’m guessing this may relax my eyes and upper face? It may take some practice, but I’ve been doing this so long it’s second nature.

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