[serious] What should people be less afraid of?

[serious] What should people be less afraid of?

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  1. Making a change.

    Big or small, take that step! It could mean finding a new favourite food in the restaurant you never went to down the road, to upping your life and staying from scratch in a place you haven’t been before. Who knows what the outcome will be unless you live it. Do the things that you aren’t expecting of yourself and you may be surprised.

  2. Taking chances.I know that it’s scary but they won’t know until they try.

    Have a crush?Tell them!And if you get heartbroken I know that’ll suck but it’ll just mean you still can meet your soulmate,you just need patience

    Want to go bungee jumping?Do it!God knows how long we’ll all live for.If you do it once you can tick it off and say you’ve done it

    Be proud to be yourself

  3. Taxes. It will take you 10 minutes.

    The amount of regular people I know (single, no kids, no business) who will pay someone $70 believing they’re going to do some magic wizardry to game the system and get you a higher tax return is bonkers.

    In fact, tax filing softwares will prompt you to check all the right boxes (eg. claiming rent) so you’re getting the proper return.

  4. School shootings. That’s not to say they’re not terrible and tragic events, but, like a terrorist attack, they’re so unlikely to kill your that you’re more likely to be killed in a car wreck on the way to school than by the hands of a school shooter.

    The amount of fear and thought that they draw is majorly disproportionate to the threat level.

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