[serious] What story are you just dying to tell but haven’t found an askreddit thread for?

[serious] What story are you just dying to tell but haven’t found an askreddit thread for?

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  1. So when I was 5 my mother and I went to the zoo (Burger’s Zoo, Arnhem, Netherlands). We always took a suitcase because well, it’s handy. Well in an area in that zoo called the Bush (indoor jungle biome area) As there were a lot of adventurous paths, with stones in the water where you’re supposed to cross the water with, rope bridges etc. So we locked our suitcase to a pole with a bike lock (we’re in the Netherlands, remember, everyone has access to those) and did walked through the adventurous part of the Bush. After some time we came back, unlocked our suitcase and went to the Bush building’s exit. There an employee with a walkie-talkie asked my mother “is that your suitcase?” My mother simply said yes not knowing what the issue was. Turns out the zoo staff thought there was a bomb in the suitcase 🤣

  2. There’s a meme account for my school, but nobody knows who owns it. Literally no one. They make memes themselves but also let people send in their own memes about teachers, how fucking weird some of our classrooms look e.t.c. so there’s really no trace of who they are.

    Posters promoting our schools LGBTQ+-group were put up in the beginning of may, all over the school. The meme account posted two instagram stories, one of a yes/no poll of “do you think pride month is a good thing?” and then one where you can type in answers of your own.

    However, what noone really expected was for the kid to post screenshots of EVERYONE who voted no on the poll/wrote anything offensive or mean. Captioned it “so you know who to watch out for”

    People still witchhunt this kid, but I think he’s a hero.

  3. the second church i worked at, the pastor’s daughter got her period. her mom showed her how to put in a tampon by having her daughter lay on the bed and insert it herself..thus teaching her how to put in a tampon. some days i am not sure how to feel about that information.

  4. i went to a 3 day rap festival about 2-3 days ago and during one of the moshpits i had fallen and i heard my left knee pop out and back in. as soon as i was on the ground, a couple guys instantly pushed everyone away and picked me up to go to the gate on the side(i was pretty close to the front row). one of them stayed with me until the set ended and a security guard evaluated me. sometimes people are amazing 🙂

  5. My first time trying edibles

    My best friend had gotten nerds rope edibles from someone and we decided that it would be so cool to eat them while at the movie theater and we decided to go see the sequel to “A Quiet Place.” Once in the theater she starts pulling them out of her hoodie and I instantly could smell them strongly and said that we needed to leave. Mind you we live in a state where marijuana is illegal. So we went to the bathroom and choked them down because they were so gross and went back into the theater room. They didn’t hit at all during the entire film, but once we left we were extremely zooted.

    We eventually ended up at a lake and went in the water still in our clothes and decided we couldn’t get out until we got to our shoulders. I recall that there were two teenage girls around the area as well and they shouted asking if we were people, and we started quacking like we were ducks.

    Our final stop was the Fredmeyers parking lot and we were just chilling and giggling when we noticed there were a bunch of cops parked at a liquor store across the parking lot and they had K-9’s with them and one of them started barking towards our car, so we freaked and left and we still had more nerds ropes. I ate two more to dispose of the evidence just in case. And the next morning I puked it all up. Very “incredible” experience.😭

  6. when i was in my second grade,I was about to fart and i pretended to drop my pencil so i can let it out without a sound,and when I went back to my chair,my fart reached the entire classroom and the teacher told everyone to spray the air with a idk like a perfume?and then i pretended to act like it wasn’t me, I didnt get caught thank god she didnt let us stand up and smell our butts.

  7. I met my bestfriend on holiday. im from the isle of man and my friend lets call her jess lives is from malta we had known each other for ages and we talked over snap but when i went to spain i was walk down this market when i thought i regonisied but i took no notice till someone started calling my name and turned around and it was jess. one of the best weeks of my life

  8. ⚠️mentions of drugs, nsfw⚠️

    when i was 13, i got into abusing drugs and alcohol on a regular basis because of a past trauma when i was 12. ive been fucking up my life ever since then. but when i was about to turn 14, i moved away from my home town into where my mum grew up. ill agree its a nice place, but some people here are just bitchy and low key evil. i was really unmotivated due to the fact i was very depressed and had a bit of anxiety at the time. when i started my new high school everything was a blur. there were people that liked me but most didnt. i was still into drugs at this point, as a year 9 student that isnt what i mapped myself out to be doing when i was 7. anyway, i met a guy about 5 months after joining and we dove straight into a relationship but he broke up with me cuz i smoked weed and snorted coke every day. i fell even more depressed after that and meeting that boy really changed my life to be honest. so i started trying to ween myself off of drugs and i still drank but kept it on the low. but i knew he didnt mind me drinking because i can kind of handle that, never really went too over board. so i tried changing myself alot. tried on fake eyelashes, fake tanned (not often), dyed my hair, lip gloss, dressed differently, basically the whole hoo-har to impress this boy that i had fallen head over heals for. about another 4 months later he unblocked me and started speaking to me again. i was excited because it was near around my birthday when he started noticing me again. now about almost a year later were dating but this story isnt done. im 15 now and have dated him for almost a whole year. i love him so much and changed alot for him. but we started getting sexually active and now im pregnant, and unfortunately i know i cant have it. it really upsets me that i have to go through with an abortion but i cant provide for a child financially, im only 15. this has really opened my eyes and motivated me to be such a better person, make a better future for myself. i want to be an english teacher and give love and care to students that i will have the opportunity to teach one day. i will be able to support them and point them in the right direction in life, not the disgusting path i chose at a young age. im gonna be a better person and when im financially ready and mentally ready, me and my boyfriend will bring this baby back into the world again.

  9. i used to be a “violent” demon child in school and when somebody annoyed me i would full on attack them. now this story took place YEARS AGO i calmed down a lot so don’t worry.

    okay so when i was in class we had to do a school project with i think at least 2 people? now i was always left out so i had to go in a group with these other two children i’ll call kenny and cartman (little reference) now i was working on my part and cartman decided it was a good idea to piss me off so he decided too comment about my weight and he didn’t stop either until it pissed me off so i grabbed either a gluestick or some scissors and threw it in his face at full speed and this mf fell back and started crying. i got detention but it was worth it

  10. I tested positive for covid but was still forced to go into my previous work(fast food). I asked a cook if he would of came in and helped out if the owner told him i had covid and he said yes. Am glad I no longer work there.

  11. I’m afraid of Amish people.

    It stems from a bad childhood memory. My mom took me to the zoo and gave me money to get one of those like wax figurines by myself while she sat and ate. There was a group of Amish people nearby. I didn’t realize that due to Amish lifestyles, most of them had never seen anything like it.

    So there I was, an alone seven year old, trying to print my wax animal figure. The group of Amish people gathered around me (there were like 15 of them ranging in ages from like 5-60) and they started going like “oooo” “ahhhh”. They were completely entranced by this odd machine they’d never seen, while I was terrified that I was surrounded by a big group of people who dressed like funky pilgrims and were making weird noises.

    I know what Amish culture is now, but they still spook me out to this day because of that interaction.

  12. i dont know why, but something has been going on lately. I live 7 years in the same country, when i came here, everyone liked me and made a lot of friends, everyone was my friend. That was so till 5th or 6h grade, suddendly everyone hated me and ignored me, even my best friend at that time, i always thought i did something wrong, there is even a girl that i always talked in my class and on tik tok and we would support each other, then she blocked me and kept laughing behind my back, there is only one dude that didnt hate me, he is still my friend now im in 8th grade and nothing has changed, when i see my old friends or friends i know, i say hi and try to communicate, they always look away, i dont know what is going on to be honest. I really want to know what i did wrong in my life to deserve losing all my friends, and since everyone started to hate me, things have been going bad. Bad grades, my dads bussines goes bankrupt, my mom cant find a new job, I cant make new friends and more. Im muslim so i always thought they hated me because im muslim, but thats not the case, because we were friends before that. I dont know but tell me if ur familiar with this, please, i really dont know what to do.

  13. My father told me a story of when he found what a appeared to be an ancient Mayan figurine made of jade.
    He was like 8-10 years old and he was playing with rocks alongside his brother, they were throwing the rocks to see who could throw it farther, my dad threw a big dirty rock and he was like “ wow that was heavy”
    After they returned from school they went to see the dirty rock and brought it home, cleaned it and turns out it wasn’t just a rock, it was a pyramid, so he went to his dad and told him “look I found this thing” they kept it on a shelf for weeks when a friend of his dad came over and said that he could give it to someone to get the pyramid appraised.
    Yeah the friend took the pyramid and didn’t give it back

  14. When I was doing my GCSE’s at school for English coursework we had to write a short autobiographical story. The first one I wrote was about my parents divorce, it wasn’t great, it got a C. A few months later I decided to redo the assignment and submit a new piece. I wrote about my at the time girlfriend asking me to be her girlfriend. I worked really hard on it and was sure it was an A grade piece. I submitted it, the teacher pulled me aside after class and told me it was a lovely piece of writing, but not suitable for the assignment. I asked her why, I knew lots of my friends wrote about their partners so I didn’t understand, she told me it just wasn’t suitable to told me she’d only grade the first submission and not to enter another one.

    It took me years to realise this was homophobia.

  15. last week i was sitting in my room playing games and my mom had the door closed. I understood that she wanted time to herself so i went back to my room laying on my bed. When alex, my stepdad gets home mom bursts into the room screaming at him and idk why. So i try to ignore it but she comes into my room and tells me to pack my bags. When im packing my bags i wonder why? is it because alex had done something i didn’t know. My step-grandma grace didn’t know either so i just waited for her to be done talking to alex. He had left and she had called us into her room and she unfolded the entire story. Owen who had stayed at our place for a couple days had been EXPELLED from pre-kindergarden for taking off all of his clothes except his underwear and had gone under a blanket with a girl. That wasn’t all though, the main reason mom was so upset was because alex’s ex had said that i had sexulally abused Owen keep in mind that Owen was 5. In summery, alex’s ex says i fucking raped my 5 year old step-brother and that wasn’t the worst part. She also admitted to training May, my 9 year old step sister to call child protective services! I was so fucking pissed at his ex i could slap her without a care in the world if i ever see her again.

  16. for context I’ve been doing jujitsu for quite a while now and haven’t told anyone in my school yet

    in our crafts class we were making knives (not sharpened yet), they we’re fooling around with the knives pretending to stab each other but all I saw when I entered the room was a flash of silver at the level of my head and before I knew it I had – guess what, the dumbest one of them all – in an arm lock and was choking him and from that day on nobody ever messed around with the knives or any such things anymore.

  17. Years ago I grabbed a iced latte at work. The machine was pretty far from my desk and on my way back I realized I needed to piss. I didn’t want to walk all the way back and drop off my drink then return, but I also felt very sheepish about taking my drink into a bathroom. We had a bathroom there that was only for urinating because it was near a high traffic area and one of the partners got tired of smelling crap. I rationalized that with no pooping it was fine but still got really weird in my head about anyone else seeing me doing it. I checked and nobody else was using it so decided to go for it.

    When I was halfway through someone else came in and started using one of the other urinals. I tried to finish fast enough that I could get out of there without him seeing (again, I had somehow really built up in my head the idea that I didn’t want anyone to see). I finish, wash my hands, and am about to make my escape when the other guy finishes and turns around to see me as I’m about to walk out. I quickly considered just leaving my coffee and realize that is absurd, but then I waaaaaaay overcorrected and decided instead of being abashed to just go with it. I point at the drink sitting on counter by the door and ask the other guy “Is that yours?”. He looks a little confused and says no. I respond “Cool! Free bathroom coffee!”. I pick it up and take a huge drink and walk out and leave behind a very confused and disgusted coworker.

  18. I work at a office and I had my food on my desk and one of my coworkers tried to grab it as a joke but I picked up something that looked like a flashlight and right before his hand( which was holding my food) got out from over the desk I slammed it on his hand and shattered his hand.

  19. The time from when I enlisted too the time I got out of the army. From before, during, and after the Iraq invasion. With a prologue that covers going to the VA 16 years after getting out, and the negative aspects I’ve faced trying to utilize their facilities. But also commend wounded warrior project for their efforts in the same story.

  20. When I was about 10-11 I never knew what a vibrator was. I snuck into my sisters room who was 21 and I searched around because I heard her talking about her having a vibrator, I assumed it was for back pain and what not, boy was I wrong. I saw a box labeled “toys” and to my horror it wasn’t dolls. It was a box of dildo’s. 👍

  21. I stumbled into a crypto event bc my uni’s compsci department was claiming it was going to be about learning to invest in tech startups. For context, I’m an accounting major that wants to go into business valuations.


    So, I awkwardly sit down next to some compsci students before the event. They seem nice, so we shoot the shit while waiting on the presenters. I hear something about trying to do bonus content for indie book publishing via blockchain or whatever but don’t connect the dots yet.


    Then some uni employee starts introducing presenters. And I realize that they’re from a crypto startup, and a pretty major one, at it. Like, we’re talking “helped bring the ugly monkey pics into the world” level here. Definitely great marketers, but highly unethical lol.


    Still, I decide to stick around to see if I can learn more about the psychology of people who think these ugly pics are a good investment. I learn way too much about building a lore thing around them and some blockchain backend shit that doesn’t interest me. Compsci kids seem enthralled.


    It lasts about an hour. Then, presenter starts talking about wanting to merge fine art and blockchain. I awkwardly raise my hand and point out that a site that does that exists (like, it solicited a bunch of twitter famous artists very publicly and it was annoying). Presenter can’t hear me, so he drops by the table. Compsci kids look like they’re in heaven, it’s awkward. He leaves and googles it right on the fucking stage, in a mildly confused manner. Projector is showing him fumbling about with the site. Then it’s like… oh, they’re using the competing blockchain, high fees, we’re better, etc. I tune out.


    And then I notice that my fucking soda is gone and this guy is drinking a diet pepsi on stage. Which I was drinking earlier, and I didn’t see him hit the open bar on his way back to the stage. Can’t conclusively prove he stole my open soda but it sure looks like it to me. Ah well, it’s open bar, so I can just grab another one. Still annoying tho, and I get out as soon as he stops talking.


    Anyways, the whole thing happened about two weeks before the crypto crash lol

  22. So I was on my school bus one day and I was looking out my window and I saw this kid who missed the school bus,the kid was chasing the school bus and everyone on the bus was screaming at my bus driver to stop the bus my bus driver did not stop the bus and kept driving,but then the bus stopped because there was a red light and the kid caught up to the bus and banged on the bus door to let him in the bus driver did not let him on the bus,then this one kid opened the bus window and said”go through the back” and the kid went to the back and one of the kids opened the emergency door exit on the bus and the kid got on the bus and everyone cheered like it was nasa landing on the moon for the first time!!!

  23. This one’s pretty heavy, but I’ve felt the need to share it somewhere for a good long time. It’s not a very happy story, but through the experiences it gave me, I’ve come out a better person. So trigger warning for a momentary mention of a s*****e attempt and general not great mental health. Also, if you think this story might be about you…don’t think about it and DNI.

    >!When I was about 16/17, I met two online friends. This was right after losing all my real life friends due to the whims of circumstance, so I was lonely and desperate and clung to anybody I got. I’ll call these people Jeremy and Summer.
    Jeremy I met first, through a groupchat (wont go into specifics). We chatted for a while and discovered we shared a joy of roleplaying, so we split off and started a fun little fantasy roleplay. This was when I learned he was about 15.
    I was taught as a kid not to interact with anyone outside of two years of my age, so I knew this was a fine age gap.
    Then he introduced me to Summer, who they both said was also 15. She and I bonded over our enjoyment of an anime that Jeremy thought was kind of lame, and we ended up starting our own roleplay for that anime. Separately.
    This was how I interacted with these “friends.” Through roleplay- not legit chatting, just continuing our story. It was like a mutual “i’m using you as a storybook” situation. Shit would’ve gone south a lot sooner had we actually spoken, I’m pretty sure.

    >!Now, just in case one of them finds this, I won’t go into explicit details about what caused things to crumble. But it was during the Black Lives Matter movement and misunderstandings involving Summer, Twitter, my mom, and icon changes causing confusion led to a small confrontation. I said something I shouldn’t have, I absolutely take the blame for starting the whole fiasco. I instantly regretted saying it and wasn’t sure how to apologize other than doing it a lot, and panicking. I tried my best to handle the thing like an adult- but the issue was, they were not of the same ‘let’s be adults’ mindset. Jeremy and Summer both decided to ruin. my. life.
    I never gave them my address, but if I had they definitely would have doxxed me everywhere they could. They slandered my name to every other person they knew, got me kicked from every groupchat we shared, and spread vile rumors about me that were only barely seeded in truth (Example: had recently rescued a stray kitten. They said I had stolen it from a neighbor and got away with it). They also accused me of pedophilia because turns out, Summer was 13, and while she had instigated it every time, we had definitely roleplayed some smut.
    It took me a long time to realize that the fact they were so quick to turn on me and up the ante 10000% was probably a red flag.
    I was very lucky, because neither of them had very big followings. And those they did tell didn’t come to harass me anywhere near as much as J&S did themselves.

    >!After a while Jeremy contacted me again, and I jumped at the idea of reconciling. I apologized, and he did too- Summer had been blackmailing him to side with her, or so he said. I’ve decided to give him the benefit of the doubt, because hey- he was reaching out, right?
    We started up a new roleplay, but talked a lot more outside of it. The problem was, he…really liked trauma dumping. And it also got the the point he would stop messaging at all for months at a time, only to shoot me a quick “attempted again, in the hospital lolz” and probably lapping up my sympathy. It was exhausting, and this wasn’t the first time I found myself being the unwilling therapist. I did my best to politely break things off and made sure to emphasize I felt no ill will towards either of them. I just wasn’t the right person to help them. Even Summer, who was so absolutely nasty to me, I know was just in a bad mental place. I hope they’re both doing better, but I also hope I never hear from them again, for everyone’s sake.

    >!I still lay awake at night sometimes, even years and years later, wondering what I could have done different. And I beat myself up saying I need to stop that, they were bad for me and what’s done is done. And yet I still feel bad for hurting them, even though they dealt out far, far more than they took.!<

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