[serious] what was your school’s dark rumor?

[serious] what was your school’s dark rumor?

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  1. My middle school had a serious problem with vaping that was started by my year. The rumor was that the ringleader not only had the locker next to mine, but also lived on my street.

  2. There was a rumor in my senior year of high school where one of the math teachers was fucking one of the students

    In middle school there was a rumor that my math teacher was a lesbian and had a huge crush on the popular girl

    Neither of these were ever proven true or false

  3. Wasn’t a rumor, really — one of the priests in the boys’ school ended up getting shifted elsewhere for the same reason that a lot of priests mysteriously were shifted elsewhere. Bastard.

  4. There were 2:

    One about the apparent ghost of a girl who was locked in a bathroom the day they were supposed to break up for summer and died there (we believed this but when breaking it down it doesn’t make any logical sense that no care takers or anyone would’ve ever found her)

    The second one was a guy in year 11. There was a random rumor that he’d put his finger up his bum whilst in the bath. Not dark but pretty funny.

  5. Years ago in high school there was no doubt that a girl we all knew went into the emergency room one night with a frozen hot dog broken off in her vagina. It was true because people at the hospital saw it. Then, years later, on [Snopes.com](https://Snopes.com) there it was: the urban legend found in many US high schools.

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