[serious] what was your worst birthday? why?

[serious] what was your worst birthday? why?

What do you think?


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  1. Genuinely my last one. I was alone depressed and did nothing all day. No one wanted to do anything. A few days later I found out my family member with whom I share a birthday week held a party the night of my birthday, no invite to me. I was under the impression we were closer than that but I guess not. It really hurt that no one that cares about bothered to check in or offer to do anything with me when I was pretty open about the fact the birthday was bothering me and had me in a dark place.

  2. my second one. I was celebrating my birthday when my aunt went into labor. everyone went to the hospital while I was eating my birthday cake alone.
    my cousin was born the day after, and they couldn’t go inside the labor room, so they could have stayed with me

  3. Probably my 11th. We were going to go to Florida and see my Grandparents/Disney and beyond that getting cancelled it was when we were like in month 2 of full lockdown and i was going crazy being stuck in our house. My mom and dad tried to make it fun but it was just like “yum. cake.”

  4. Two years ago and this year: I lost my parents just a few days before these birthdays, both completely out of nowhere (my father to cancer which we will never know how much he knew about, my mother was murdered no two years later)

  5. My dad fucked up by wasting time getting my birthday cake, tried to blame literally everyone else but himself, through a fit, and eventually got punched by someone. I didn’t see who because I was a kid and I hid in the bathroom until it was over. Fun times.

  6. 12th birthday. My first year of “puberty”. I had my face smashed into the cake as a “joke” and ended up spending time rest of the day at the hospital getting scans done for a potential broken nose!

  7. my 17th. my grandfather ended his life on my birthday that year and i sat alone in my room and cried, desperately calling every friend i knew to distract me from it but no one answered, they all claimed to be too busy. i don’t think ive ever felt more alone than i did on that day.

  8. I discovered, the day before my birthday, that my mother had planned an elaborate surprise party for my 18th. She had invitations made, and coordinated with my two closest friends to take me out and keep me busy while she set everything up. Then she canceled it at the last moment and told everyone I had demanded she do so. I never knew about it until my friends started asking me why I’d done that.

    She was one of those moms who would sink genuine effort and thoughtfulness into hurting me and sabotaging my other relationships.

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