[Serious] What’s an unsolved mystery/cold case that gives you the creeps?

[Serious] What’s an unsolved mystery/cold case that gives you the creeps?

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  1. Where I’m from, we had a kid that went missing in 1999. His name is (or was) Rolandito. One summer evening, he was playing in a park near his house and went missing. There were a lot of stories surrounding his disappearance, including some people blaming his stepfather because he had a criminal history. But it was all circumstantial evidence. As far as actual evidence goes, there’s nothing. No clues, no ransom note, no nothing… he just disappeared off the face of the Earth. Theories range from satanic rituals to organ harvesting, and I’ve even heard people say he got kidnapped by a UFO.

    This happened very close to where I grew up, and I was around his age at the time too, so it was really creepy to see all the chaos in the news.

    Every couple of years, they’ll do like a CGI aging thing on his photo, to kind of guess what he would look like now, and his mother would go on tv and say she still has hopes of finding him. It’s very sad.

  2. I was around 13 at the time. I lived in a pretty nice neighborhood, and i was walking home with this guy, a friend of mine. he lived down the street, but he was like 20. we were friends for a lot of reasons, but we dont care about that. anyway, the important thing was he had recently bought his first gun, a glock 17. we were walking during mid spring, so it was a little dark in the evenings. he had his new gun shoved into the waistband of his pants, with his shirt over it. he was not showing it off. suddenly we hear this scream. it was not tire squeal, we just knew. it was like hearing nails on a chalkboard, but worse. goosebumps everywhere. my friends hand shoots down to his crotch region, where i know the gun is tucked. we shrink to the side of the sidewalk, near a bush, and he draws his gun. i look at him, and he looks at me with the most fear i have ever seen. i know my eyes are about as round as a diner plate, and as big as one too. then off the right, a guy comes running with something over his shoulder. a body. he throws the body in the back of a grey SUV and jumps in. we watched in fascination. then it dawned on me. that scream was a young girl’s. the girl that lived in that house was my crush. i said something like “no… not ____” (im leaving her name out because i dont want people to find out who i am. her mom knows who sent those valentines day cards) then my friend realized. “Wait!” he yelled at the guy in the car. the guy turned and started shooting a gun out the window. we ran. I started crying as we ran. i knew i was never going to see her again. her mom got multiple ransom notes, and payed them, but never got her daughter back. one of the bullets hit my friend in the arm, and we called EMS and the cops. her parents were away on a vacation. the police launched an entire investigation, the FBI was called in, my friend and i were interrogated many times about what happened that night. the SUV was seen driving on random security tapes, like a gas station, and the occasional red light he sped through. then his car disappeared. there was a highway that snaked in a forest, and cameras at both ends, but the car went in one way and never out the other. girl was never found.

  3. It’s not mine but my Sissy, a Sgt with the Homicide Squad, is STILL obsessed with Jon Bennet Ramsey! She has every book written, every newspaper article ever written and through the FOIA, some reports from the different investigations. Professional Courtesy, I guess.

  4. Who put Bella in the wych elm?

    During the war in Britain, four teenagers were looking for bird nests when they came across a big elm tree. They looked inside and stumbled upon the skeleton of a woman.

    Theories were made about her identity, such as being a prostitute, a German spy, a foreign refugee, or even the victim of an evil ritual.

    Here’s the thing: not only that no one knows who she is, but her skeleton was lost later in time.

  5. I have to say my favorite case is the murder of little Erik Podulsky, who was stabbed to death in Michigan in 1991. This case is just so sad and has never been solved, and even more interesting is the fact that his mother and stepfather were charged with his murder, sentenced to life in prison, but then were found not guilty for reasons that are not all too clear.

    Erik, according to the court, was killed by his mother and stepfather because they flew into a fit of rage when he was just two years old. The mother and stepfather were supposed to be watching Erik, and when he was found dead on the floor of their home, they claimed he had fallen from the bed and hit his head.

    But the autopsy results were at odds with that story. The medical examiner found the infant had been stabbed to death, and the mother and stepfather were charged with murder. They were sentenced to life in prison, but both were later found not guilty because the jury didn’t feel the medical examiner’s testimony was adequate.

    I just have a hard time with that verdict. The fact that they even put the mother and stepfather on trial makes me think they must have had some evidence. It just makes no sense to me.

  6. The Beaumont Children. I read about it in the 90s. It will very likely never be solved and their bodies (assuming that they’re dead) never found.

    The parents died without knowing the fate of their children.

    It’s creepy in its own right, but more so when you think that whoever did it has gotten away with it.

  7. Lizzie Borden , murders with axes give me the creeps!
    My parents would use that for a motivator, and would retell that mystery when we would go camping as a kid, we did this tons in the summer and a few times in the winte. And they ALWAYS bought an axe(two actually but the one that always scared me was the smaller one). They also sang the Lizzie Borden rhyme ALOT!
    So that stills scares me.

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