[Serious] What’s the creepiest, most unexplainable thing that happened to you?

[Serious] What’s the creepiest, most unexplainable thing that happened to you?

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  1. Every time my mother cooks a specific dessert, an earthquake happens in Chile, that only happened twice between 2015 and 2016, strangely the two earthquakes had almost the same magnitude

  2. My brother passed away in 2008. Fast forward to 2016. I was asleep and I had a dream about him as I often did since he passed away. This dream was different. It was like he was talking directly to me, looking straight in my eyes. In the dream I asked him: “Is it really you?” He said: “yes.” I said, “Prove it.” He then reached out and touched me on the arm, and when he did I jolted up in bed wide awake covered in sweat. I thought all this was really strange and I went to the bathroom to put some water on my face. As I was looking in the mirror, I saw that there was a backwards “R” written on my arm in pen exactly where he touched me in the dream. The letter “R” was the first letter of his name.” There were no pens in my bedroom, and I have never sleep walked before. You can call me crazy, or lying or whatever, but that was the single most unexplainable thing that has ever happened to me.

  3. Once when I was 8 or 9 me and my cousins went down to play on this gated community I lived. We were on the inside of this fence when this taxi driver pulled up, asked if we wanted to go to the magic Kingdom or something cheesy like that, pulled a saxophone from his trunk and started playing while inviting us inside his car. I still remember my mom’s face when I told her later that day

  4. I have memories of my family (house, car, hairstyles) from before my birth. I never saw any photos and verified my visions with older family members, cant come to any conclusions about how.

  5. I was around 17-18 years old when this happened, it was midnight and I was getting ready for bed. I just turned my TV off and laid in bed for a while, I was laying on my back and switched to lay on my side. As soon as my ear touched the pillow I heard someone talking but it was muffled, I raised my head confused but figured I was just tired. I laid my head down again with my ear facing the pillow, this time I heard more than one voice and it sounded like they were whispering. It didn’t sound pleasant at all, it was really scary and I couldn’t sleep the whole night.

  6. Had a nightmare when I was 8 years old. The nightmare involved a decrepit old lady holding a chef knife with a lions head pommel. Mom woke me up to see what was going on. I told her and she told me to get a drink of water from the bathroom sink. On the count was the exact same knife. I showed my mother and she hid the knife from me after showing her.

  7. I have always been able to distinguish fact from fiction. Done a bunch of drugs, still have that ability. My mind is pretty stubborn and not easily deceived.

    Except for this one time. I was listening to a CD that my first boyfriend made for me. I was 14 or so and had listened to that mix CD a hundred times already. A song by Marilyn Manson came on (there were many of his on the CD, I don’t remember which song this was), and at the end, I heard what I can only describe as plane boarding noises. Sound of the seatbelt sign going on, people rustling with bags. A female flight attendant’s voice started speaking and it sent chills down my spine. What I remember from what she said was something like: “Your greatest wish is to die. Your greatest wish will come true soon. Your greatest wish will be fulfilled.”

    I ran out of my room screaming, I was so scared! I did my utmost best afterwards to find this text again on the CD, but found no trace of it. It must’ve simply been my imagination? But it’s hard for me to believe, because I do trust my mind a lot.

  8. Was giving my then 2 (maybe 3?) year old daughter a bath, when staying at an old house (holiday rental). We had play cups, saucers and a teapot which she was filling up with the bath water, and pouring into the cups.

    “This one is for you Daddy, this one is for me…. and this one is for the old lady in the doorway.”

    …no-one there.

  9. I remember when I was 3-5, I used to live near a lake in the countryside. Every night, before I fell asleep, I saw fire flying above my head (seriously) look like feux follets but in red color and at marble size. However, me at that time didn’t know anything about ghost so I wasn’t scared or pay much attention to them, I used to ask my mother if she know about them but I cannot remember what she told me (I had terrible memories). Now my family live in the city, I can barely remember those flying fire, I asked my mother if she remembered but she answered no

  10. It was at night and i was out with one of my female cousin . we were looking at a young man going on a straight line and he suddently disappears . i was in shock while my cousin was reacting like nothing and she said to me it was a sort of a creature in our believes . we were 8 and 9 at the time

  11. I had sleeping issues as a kid so I was often awake during the middle of the night. One particular night I was frightened by some people shouting at each other outside (I grew up in a dodgy area lmao) so I slept in with my parents for a while.

    I close my eyes for a bit, then when I open again I see a girl with huge black eyes, a nightgown, hands behind her back and hip-length hair just standing there staring at me coldly.

    I hide under the quilt for a bit then when I pluck up the courage to look again she’s nowhere to be seen. I didn’t even hear her come into the room, let alone leave. I do have an older sister, but she was fast asleep in her room and obviously I would have heard her footsteps and she looked nothing like this girl.

  12. Hard to say. I guess it’s pretty creepy that I used to be deathly afraid of one room in my house. It’s really the most inviting room in the house but I was always dreading going in their, and rushing out for my life. I felt like someone was watching me always in their. Or when I left the room I always felt like someone would grab me at the last second

  13. I dunno why but for an entire week or more I kept seeing more and more spiders wherever I went and they just kept getting bigger and bigger. I dunno if that’s creepy to some other people but it was certainly creepy to me.

  14. this actually just happened last week. i’ve been traveling for work a lot recently, and as such i stay in hotels. not extraordinary, nor are they hell holes. just regular generic hotels.

    well the one i was at last week had an elevator that was annoyingly slow. (everything it did was slow. whether it was coming to your floor, opening or closing of the doors all took what felt like forever.)
    i’m leaving the hotel to go to the gym, and as i approached the elevator, i saw a little girl standing in the elevator (assume little girl, just saw a short figure with long hair. didn’t catch the face because the door was closing) i figured i’d give it a second, i didn’t want to press the button and have the door stop closing and the little girl have to stand on an elevator with a big adult male she didn’t know. I waited, maybe 3 seconds after the door shut, and then pressed the elevator button.

    The elevator that I saw the little girl standing in opened, and she was nowhere to be seen. I then took the stairs 🙂

  15. I was really depressed as a 14 year old teen. One day while I was sitting in the bus station an old man touched my arm and said “Don’t worry, you will move out when you turn 17 and everything will get better”. 17 was when I moved out of my abusive home.

  16. When is was in the third grade I went over to my friends house once and all night I kept getting weird feelings kinda like someone was watching me and I wasn’t safe so after that I tried to avoid going back to spend the night again but eventually my mother told me I had to go over if I wanted him to come back because he always comes over and I never go to his house so I came to the conclusion that I was just being paranoid for no reason well when I got there the same feelings came back and they were worse then when we decided to get off the game and sleep I woke up at around 2:30-3am and when I woke up I couldn’t move not because something was on me I was just really scared I was shaky then I got up and walked over to the door and the entire time I was walking I had my head down for some reason then I stopped when I got to the door and when I looked up I saw the outline of a really tall person standing in front of me i couldn’t really see any details about it but I could see 4 eyes I couldn’t really see the eyes but I can see the dark outline of eye holes I stared at it for about 1 minute then it pushed me and I got up real slow and when I looked up it was gone then once again I started walking with my head down back to the bed and I layer there till morning I never actually told him about this

  17. A few years ago when I lived in a different neighbourhood, I went out to go to the store around 9 pm, which was a few blocks away. Well, as I walk out there right above my house was a man (late 20s or so) standing completely still and staring into space with a blank expression. I come back and he is still there staring right ahead. Now he doesn’t even look at me or take notice of me. He had been standing there this whole time. I was pretty creeped out as soon as I reached my apartment I locked the door. Next morning he was gone and I never saw him again.

  18. Ok so. Me and my friends have argued about what caused this. There are three hours that i don’t remember at all. One second i was in the garage the next i was in my room in a shit ton of pain and it’s three hours later. None of my family would answer when i asked what happened.

  19. I thought about the rain coming one day, and it poured. Huge drops and all. As it was raining I thought of it stopping and focused on making it stop (I was goofing around) and it did.

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