[Serious] What’s the most depressing dream you’ve ever had?

[Serious] What’s the most depressing dream you’ve ever had?

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  1. Any dream where one lives a blissful, content life, having the things one desires the most, almost as if they were all real, or have stuff/people that one lost a long time ago only to wake up and realize it was but a beautiful dream….

    Does that count?

  2. A few days ago – I was diagnosed with liver and kidney cancer, and I got to live the last few months of my life – it was perfect, melancholic, and sad. When I died, I woke up.

  3. last night i dreamt that all my belongings had been stolen. i was very relieved when i woke up.

    i used to be on medication that gave me weird dreams as a side effect and dreamed someone had violently murdered my pets

  4. I was in a room and one of my friends beckoned me to come follow him, so I followed him down the hall. He stopped at a door and pointed into the room. From around the door, steps out my wife with a great big smile on her face.

    I was so shocked, I fainted in my dream and then woke up.

    back to the empty bed and the reality that she didn’t survive.

  5. I don’t remember much.

    I was walking towards this large house, it had white walls and black roof and doors, gorgeous garden.

    I opened the black door and I look to the right and see a gorgeous mahogany dinner table, and a glass vase with pink lilies.

    I then look to the left and see this odd red fur like carpet.

    On the carpet is a school bag and some books as well, I think I spotted an algebra.

    On the carpet next to the bag is a woman wearing black pants and a red top, she has a dirty blond hair but she’s not facing me.

    Next to her is a little boy, he has dark hair and a blue jumper on, I cannot see his face either.

    As I close the door they both turn to face me but I wake up.

    This is my best but also my most depressing dream.

    I did not want to wake up. I still look for this woman whenever I go out.

    Is that her? Could it be? A dirty blond hair over there? Maybe? Nonsense.

    I don’t believe in dreams but this one messed me up.

    It promised something life can’t deliver.

  6. I was visiting my mother in the mental institution. Which wasn’t irregular from my waking life at the time. She started to run away, tried to escape so I chased after her. I yelled out to some orderlies who came running with me, chasing after my mother, begging her to slow down I’d yell, “mom! Stop! We can help you now! We know how to help you!”

    Eventually I caught up to her and embraced her. Threw my arms around her and squeezed, burying my face with eyes closed in her back crying, “I love you, we can help you finally.”

    When I opened my eyes (in the dream) I was in a straight jacket. The orderlies had been chasing me. I was a patient, my mother wasn’t there.

    End of the dream.

    Want depressing though?

    That’s not an uncommon night terror for me. When she was alive she was every variation of abusive to me for much of my life. Then – she hanged herself and blamed me when I was 21. I’m 40. I still scream awake some nights.

  7. I’m in a long distance relationship. I once dreamt I had been rushed into hospital, my dad had called my bf who immediately got on the first train to me. I later was diagnosed with serious cancer and I was apparently dying in that moment … I never got to say goodbye to my bf😢 spent the next few days after that depressed and scared shitless because I often experience dreams that later on become reality.

  8. I dreamt like two days ago this extremely vivid dream where my dad (70s) caught COVID. It centered around him starting to not feel well and then my mom starting to get worried and then to my dad having this horrific cough. What made me wake up was that in the dream I decided to stay over at their house because it had gotten so bad, and my dad woke up in the middle of the night hacking a lung, not being able to catch his breath. My mom started to panic (they’ve been married 44 years and he’s her entire world)which woke me up in my dream and I see my mom making my dad lie on his stomach crying and telling him “you can’t die on me”

    Woke me right the fuck up. I’m going over there today to have dinner with them and bring them turkey soup I made from the Thanksgiving turkey.

  9. The worst dream I ever had was being chased by a bear. It was a ravenous, massive brown bear that had corned myself and my boys. They’re 6 and 2. I was standing on top of a book shelf while this bear clawed at us, just inches away from our toes. Inches away from latching onto someone and pulling them down to rip apart.

    And I couldn’t lift both the boys up away from it. I just tried to scramble as it pawed at us.

    I woke up before it got one of them and kept myself awake for quite a while because I didn’t want to drift back into that dream. It was a horrible feeling.

  10. I used to work in the grinding dept. of a snowboard factory. It was kind of “cool”, but the actual work was monotonous af. One night I dreamt of a full day at work. Nothing bizarre or out of the ordinary happened, just 8 straight hours of sanding edges one after the other. Then I woke up to my alarm because it was time to get up and go grind edges for 8 straight hours.

  11. I have a reoccuring dream where I relive my grandfathers funeral, it was during winter more than 10 years ago but alwalys comes back when I am feeling down.

  12. I had a friend commit suicide and I never got a proper goodbye. He called but I missed it. He was probably the only dude I ever really loved.

    Roughly a month later I had this dream where we met up again. He told me he loved me and that it would be okay. Then I woke up. It felt beyond real so waking up and knowing that was it was depressing.

    I’ve never had a dream about him again. Can’t even recall his voice anymore. But life moves on. It’s been 15 years ago.

  13. I had a dream a little while ago where I was a time traveller who knew somebody’s husband was about to die, and I was about to witness the event of the family being told (and I couldn’t do anything to change the course of events, I could only witness it). I woke up in floods of tears. I definitely think my medication had something to do with that one but still, it was terrible.

  14. About two days after my first love broke up with me I had vivid dream that we patched things up as I was trying to do. It wadnt depressing dream, wake up…was.

    Its one of three dreams in my life I remember.

  15. The deaths of everyone I’ve loved that have died. I’ve dreamed each scenario in deep detail. My sister-in-law’s suicide by gunshot to the head was bad but my dad’s death in September made me particularly sad.

  16. I fell asleep and in my dream I got out of bed, and saw my entire family dead in bed and all of the outside was dead, I was the only survivor, I had nobody to talk to, I woke up very sad in the morning

  17. shortly after my grandmother passed away, I had an extremely vivid dream where she was alive and she had told me not to worry, that she wouldn’t be leaving me anytime soon. When I awoke from the dream to realize that she was in fact still gone from my life, I wept more than I had at her actual funeral.

  18. My dad passed almost 5 years ago, my mom passed almost a year ago. Since she passed, I’ve had multiple dreams of a timeline where my mom died first and my dad just completely let himself go.

  19. I had a dream were everyone that I loved had passed on, and I was the only left in my family. I remember that I had to carry on a legacy for my family but failed. That caused me to die, and the guy I met in the afterlife told me that all of my other family members had died, because they too didn’t carry on the family legacy. I was confused when I woke up to say the least.

  20. My parents got a divorce in 2014 and it still makes me cry to this day that I dream how someday we can live happily again…I actually tried to make them to love eachother again for the next 4 years and it was all a waste of time

  21. I had a non dream orgasm in a dream where i was at my great grandfather’s funeral.

    Also I dreamed that God made me invincible and that I’d live forever but I was chained to the bottom of the ocean with nothing to do and no way to die.

  22. I had a huge crush on my friend at the time. Had this recurring dream of us laying in a big bed with white sheets, he was dressed in white and I was reaching out to touch him, but he was always out of reach. For some reason I had a black torn glove on my hand. I guess both my concious and unconcious brain is into metaphors.

    Never touched him in dreams or IRL. We stopped talking eventually.

  23. I had two nights of similar dreams. Both nights, I was supposed to have a date with the same guy and he didn’t show up both times.

    The first time, my brother drove me (which I probably should’ve seen something wrong with that) and took me to the restaurant. I waited and the guy didn’t show up. I got in the car and my brother took me home as the guy was texting me, saying he wanted to make it up to me and meet up at his place. When I requested the change in direction, my brother looked at me with an evil smile and said, “No.”

    The second time, my dad took me and I waited at the restaurant the whole time. Same guy, different place. He still didn’t show up. Not as much to report. It was sad though.

    This was a few months ago when I had those dreams and I’m still not sure what to make of them.

    The saddest I had more recently though is that I did go on a date with this guy in another dream and, instead, he ended up with another woman. I wasn’t happy when I woke up.

  24. I fell in love with a man in my dream, it felt so real and it made me realize that me and my then boyfriend weren’t right for eachother because I wanted that love I had felt. I still miss him

  25. A few weeks ago I had a dream that an old friend of mine accepted my apology and we started being friends again then we started dating and I woke up crying in my sleep. Just adds a new meaning to some dreams are just fairytales.

  26. It’s hard to describe exactly but basically I was in this sort of Mad Max style wasteland and came on this abandoned gas station/temple thing, where I met this strange shadowy figure sitting in some kind of throne. He gestured to these two doors on the building and I knew I had to choose one.

    When I went inside it was just a silvery execution gas chamber and I woke up just as the gas started to fill the room.

  27. 2018 to 2019 I taught kids in a tiny community in a very remote area, lots of driving and flying and staying in hotels during flight layovers, and learning to teach these subjects/students on the fly. Ever since I stopped working there, every night I dream about traveling by plane, train, or car, staying in a hotel, and then starting work at a new school in a remote community. It’s always a new school, I’m never prepared for class, and sometimes I don’t have money for the hotel rooms in my dreams. Every night, for years now, I have anxiety dreams related to that damn job. I need them to stop…

  28. Last night, I dreamt I was being tracked my multiple shooters who I had to figure out how to stay alive. There was magic too. But just the fact people were trying to kill me for fun wasn’t pleasant.

  29. When I was 16 I lost my X girlfriend to drug abuse. She is still alive and all but she was constantly smoking weed or getting drunk and it really left me feeling abandoned. As a result I had a reoccurring dream in which I would be in the girls room from harry potter in which the porcelain walls and tiles were all hot pink and I’d see her sitting on a couch staring at the wall. I would then run up to her and caress her but then she’d disappear. I remember how I’d wake up from that dream longing for her. As the dream was so intimate that I could still remember how she smelled and the feeling of her soft jacket.

  30. I dreamt that my dog died.

    It was probably sadder than any moment in my awaken life. I dreamt that I had gone to the vet and he said that my dog had an advanced tumor and she had to be put down. He was about to give her a lethal injection when I said “Hey doc, give me the syringe and let me have one last day with her”. I called my best friend / crush (it was complicated), who I hadn’t seen for a really long time and missed her a lot, and we went for a walk with my dog. We didn’t say a word to each other the whole dream. My dog was the happy and energetic thing she always was, completely oblivious to what was happening. We had a great walk together.

    As the sun began to set, I knew it was time to do it. I called my dog and hugged her. As I hugged her I gave her the injection. She started to struggle and trying to break free and I just hugged her harder. After a few seconds she starts losing strength and stops fighting.

    Then it cut to the next scene. The sun had already set and I was at the top of a hill with a tree where we used to go together. I was burying her there. When I finished I walked down to the base of the hill where my best friend / crush was waiting for me. I hugged her and cried and cried and cried, almost to the point of shouting. That’s when I wake up and realise I’m completely in tears.

    I don’t think I’ve ever felt this sad in my life. It was a dream filled with emotion. I really love my dog. Dog owners can probably understand the kind of bond we have with our pets. It also didn’t help that there were a lot of unresolved feelings with my best friend / crush at the time. But I’m happy she was there in that moment

  31. I dreamt my ex and I got back together and were happy again. Waking up to realize she still doesn’t love me anymore was so disappointing. It hurt a lot. I’m still struggling to get over it.

  32. My grandmother had a tough life as a child. She lived on a farm in rural China and has horrible ptsd from countless things. I dreamt I went back in time to comfort her growing up. I remember playing on the swings with her and swordfighting with sticks. We hacked the heads off chickens and stole water chestnuts from neighboring rice fields. Suddenly some guy who looked like Grey Man from, LSD dream emulator grabbed me into a portal and screamed, “We need to go now!” My grandma was crying and asking me not to go. I remember this her heartbreakingly yelling, “Please you we’re my only friend.” I woke up in literal TEARS.

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