[Serious] Which popular song has a dark meaning or story behind it?

[Serious] Which popular song has a dark meaning or story behind it?

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  1. Born in the USA. A lot of people think it’s a patriotic song. But it’s really about a guy forced to serve in Vietnam over jail. His brother died in Vietnam, and when he gets back home, he can’t find work and the VA doesn’t care about him. He turns back to a life of crime to get by and ends up in prison after all.

  2. Gangnam Style addresses the high debt rate of South Korean citizens and Delilah by Tom Jones is about a guy who went crazy and murdered his wife because she cheated on him

  3. *9 to 5* by Dolly Parton.

    It’s such an upbeat melody and an absolute banger, but the lyrics are really god damn depressing from the perspective of a frustrated, used worker. It’s a masterpiece.

  4. [Fastball – The Way](https://youtu.be/rbD5dShemps)

    The lead singer of Fastball wrote the song after reading an article about how the bodies of an elderly couple that was missing turned up several mobths after they went on holiday together.

    Iirc, it was assumed that there was no foul play involved, and that it was very likely they got lost and couldnt find a way back home, especially as the husband was known to have suffered of Alzheimers.

  5. ‘For a Better Day’ – Avicii

    It sheds light on how children are caught up in the human sex trafficking industry, where the situation is nothing but horrifying violence and slavery.

    In the music video, two of the children who were sold, escaped, and grew up, and hunted down every person involved.


    From the song’s Wikipedia page:

    “All the songs have a story I wanted to tell… The promise of a better life often traps families and children into being used as tools for some of the most despicable people on earth. It’s an issue about which I hope to start a louder discussion, especially now with the huge number of families on the move from war torn countries looking for safety and shelter.”

    — Avicii

  6. Semi-Charmed Life by Third Eye Blind. they specifically wrote dark lyrics over a poppy upbeat melody for the juxtaposition. but it’s about a life of meth addiction and the falling apart of it all.

    also fun fact, a lot of people who are familiar with the song from back in the day (it peaked #4 in ’97) may be surprised they missed the super obvious line

    “Doing crystal meth will lift you up until you break”

    but the crystal meth part was often distorted when played on the radio, so it was easy to miss

  7. Zombie by The Cranberries I believe from something I read that it was made because a child in Northern Ireland was killed in a bombing by the IRA in either the late 2000’s or late 90’s

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