(serious) who would win? a man that has nothing to lose, or a man that’s gonna lose everything?

(serious) who would win? a man that has nothing to lose, or a man that’s gonna lose everything?

What do you think?

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  1. The man with nothing to lose is willing to do anything to win.

    The man with everything to lose isnt as dangerous but he will fight harder to save what he has.

    So i think the nothing to lose guy would start off strong but the guy with everything to lose will not give up qmd win in the end.

    Thats my thought.

  2. Probably the one gonna lose everything the one who has nothing to lose doesn’t have much reason to try compared to the man with everything on the line..

  3. Depends heavily on the men involved. A man who is going to lose everything may do some unspeakable things to preserve them. If his children are about to be killed in front of him, if he knows there is no hope for anything, yeah, he will be dangerous. But it is also possible that his previous victories have made him soft, that there haven’t been enough struggles lately that he has so much to lose.

    A man with nothing to lose is dangerous, wild, and untethered, sure. But perhaps due to poor health is not in top fighting shape. Perhaps there isn’t enough motivation for him to do _anything_ but drown in the already bottomless ocean of apathy and emptiness that lies inside his soul.

    Probably whoever is bigger/fitter/faster/smarter and more aggressive.

  4. I’d bet on the man who’s going to lose everything.

    A man with nothing to lose will probably take more risks and act more recklessly, but the person with everything to lose will be much more vicious/ruthless. I think one would be ready to die in the fight but the other would be willing to kill, and that’s a big difference.

  5. The man that has nothing to lose because the only thing he has to lose at that point is his life so he’ll try to hold on to that as much as possible. While a man that’s gonna lose everything won’t care as much knowing that no matter what he’ll lose everything in the end anyway.

  6. Depends entirely on what the conflict is about. If the threat is material (as in legal or financial), the man with resources is much more likely to win. If the threat is physical (as in dangerous or violent), the man who doesn’t care if he dies will do much riskier things than the man who has something to live for. But then again the man who has things to live for — such a family to protect — may also be more willing to lay down his life to save those he cares about than someone who lacks similar social ties.

  7. Man who is going to lose everything. People are a lot more scared of losing everything when they havn’t hit that point before. If you are already there, you know you can go back, even if you don’t want to. The person who’s never been at their lowest point doesn’t think they can survive it but the person already there knows they can survive anything.

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