[Serious]Hikers of Reddit what was the scariest/weirdest thing you have seen in the wilderness?

[Serious]Hikers of Reddit what was the scariest/weirdest thing you have seen in the wilderness?

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  1. Situations more than “things”.

    Surprised a bear that was up a tree along side the trail I was hiking. Bear fire poled that tree and for a few seconds I wasn’t sure if it was going to run from me or toward me.

    Got caught above tree line during a fast moving lightning storm.

    Briefly losing the trail above tree line during a winter hike.

  2. Maybe not a hiker, but I went for a walk since there was this boom for an app called “Randonautica”. It gave me the place, my intentions were to find something related to death. And I got it. There was a dead tree in the middle of healthy trees. It’s branches were broken off, they were just lying on the ground. But that’s not the case. There was a cross near one of the branches with a lot of candles near them (you know, these ones you place on a grave), so it couldn’t be a dog grave there. I was streaming then, so if you want, I can place some screenshots here.

  3. I was hiking in the woods near my work (at a hospital) and I found a completely naked man sitting in the fetal position.

    He didn’t see me, so I just backed away. Thinking about it maybe I should’ve asked if he was okay but he could’ve been an escaped mental patient.

  4. I had a grizzly bear join me on the trail – came out of the bushes about 10 feet in front of me. Fortunately they turned in the same direction I was going (rather than towards me). This was in Glacier NP.

  5. Went for a wander in B.C. Canada, lost the trail and let me tell you it gets dark, like DARK DARK literally can’t see your hand in front of your face dark in the forests when the sun goes down. I’m alone, no source of light on me, dead silent, and literally feeling my way along the ground and from tree to tree trying to find a road or train tracks or something. Then suddenly I hear the most terrifying blood curdling lady scream I’ve ever heard and felt myself go numb, it was loud and close, straight up thought someone was being murdered. Things are a fuzz from that point to when I finally stumbled onto a road but I know I was hauling ass as best I could. Fully repressed the entire thing until years later I was watching a video about wild animals and they showed footage cougar screaming at night. Ho-ly shit as soon as I heard it I went numb and started shaking, then memory came rushing back of that night I thought I heard a woman get killed in the forest. Once I settled down it occurred to me that I’m only alive right now because that cougar let me live. I’m not a small guy (6’1, 215lbs, athletic) and I don’t really get scared, but I was absolutely terrified, and ANYONE that thinks they can square up with a cougar is a moron beyond help. Even though they’re not super big, they will end your lineage and you won’t even hear it.

    Hike with friends, stick to trails, be aware of remaining daylight in your current location, bring a flashlight, and drink water.

  6. I wasn’t hiking but I have had one… abnormal experience in the wilderness. Last summer I bought my first newish car and took it for a trip up to the desert in Oregon. I was driving home on highway 126. West of the Santiam pass the scenery changes quickly from deserts and wide open spaces to dense old growth forests.

    Anyhow, I decided to stop off at fish lake which ironically was dried up in the high heat (this would have been around the first or second week of August.) I took a leak and some photos of my car and got back on the road. Just a few miles west of the ‘lake’ an unsettling electric feeling crept in the air. The road became strangely quiet and I noticed I hadn’t seen any cars since before my stop. The suns light seem dimished compared to earlier in the drive and suddenly I felt very far from human places.

    I don’t want to embelish what I saw- and I didn’t see it for long. At the end of the day if you push me far enough I *don’t know* what I saw. Driving through a sharper curve where I had a direct line of sight into the woods while turning I saw something crouched maybe fifteen yards into the treeline. It looked to have been level to the elevation of the road. It was crouched down in a squatted position and by my estimates would have been about eight feet tall in its crouching position. It appeared to have antlers and appeared bi-pedal. That’s it. That’s all I saw of it. But I know I saw it. The environment felt ominous and I opened up all 330 of the horses in my engine and burned down the hill for a while.

    What did I see? Was it forest elder? A couple deer paying tricks on my eyes? Idk, but I saw something.

    Interestingly later in the drive, passing another lake I saw the biggest elk I’ve ever seen by a far cry. It was basked in sunlight next to another lake on the path and came as a source of comfort to me still being a little shaken from what I saw.

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