Should Prostitution be respected the same as a “normal” Job? Why or why not?

Should Prostitution be respected the same as a “normal” Job? Why or why not?

What do you think?

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  1. If you’re willing to bring a hooker to Thanksgiving, or Ramadan or Christmas dinner at your grandmother’s house, and say, “Hey everyone, I’d like to introduce you to my girlfriend Tatiana. She’s a hooker, and made more last year with her pussy and ass than I did in the last three”, then by all means respect it as a normal profession.

    If if you’re not, then don’t.

  2. Yes. They are supplying something that is in demand. However, I do think legalization would make it more respectable. (The health and safety of the workers and their clients should be a bigger priority.)

  3. Sex workers are fucking scum and should be treated as such.

    Source~ was raped by one when I was 14

    Edit: I find it really funny how someone how’s been raped by a sex worker is getting downvoted for disliking sex workers. I was a kid! If I was woman I’d be getting upvoted and supported by the masses.

    But I’m babmean so I should just beat my story like the food little boy I’m supposed to be.

  4. If you mean sex workers should be treated with as much respect as any other worker – absolutely.

    If you mean we should view sex work as “any other job”, that comes with a lot of follow up questions. Like, could someone who is on welfare/unemployment lose it if they refused to do sex work?

    It’s not like any other job. It doesn’t have to be for us to respect the workers.

  5. No, but not for the normal reasons that it is dirty or shameful to fuck lots of people.

    Prostitution should not be respected as a “normal” job for the same reason sweatshop labor or other kinds of degrading work should not be treated as normal. A person is not their job, and indeed, forms of labor like prostitution show how much that is true — a person is being expected to give up that which they simply shouldn’t *have* to give up in order to make ends meet.

    That should not be treated as normal. Recognizing that is not a value judgment upon prostitutes any more than working to ban sweatshop labor is a value reflection on modern day human slavery in Bangladesh or the DR Congo.

    That, of course, does not mean that it should be “de-normalized” in a way that is harmful to the prostitutes, just as getting rid of sweatshop jobs without ensuring better jobs or economic protections that can fill the resulting gap would be irresponsible.

    The efforts by liberal types to normalize sex work is part of a cultural shift in the West in which rising costs of living and declining wages have increasingly made forms of exploitation more normal and have (correctly) shined a light on the dehumanization of people involved in this kind of labor as it becomes more common (albeit with other names — sugar dating, Onlyfans, etc.). But recognizing that prostitution may not be a moral sin does not mean it should be normal.

    Of course, in an alternate world in which it is easy or virtually guaranteed that a person can ensure that their personal needs are met — food, water, shelter, education, healthcare, safety, etc. — and someone wants to fuck as many strangers as possible for free, by all means. Just as if someone who is protected wants to sit in their garage and sew sneakers together for fun.

  6. Fuck NO too much of a chance for abuse and good luck trying to regulate it because that works soo well when abuse is so common and drugs are rampant in prostitution.

    You know why people joke about dead hookers well their is serious danger in being a sex worker.

    Just outlaw it come down hard on those who attempt to even get people into the business and provide proper education for those who are more likely to go into prostitution.

    Seeing people support this is just kinda gross seriously we already have enough std’s that are uncureable we don’t need more people dealing with these problems.

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