Skinny people, what’s your secret?

Skinny people, what’s your secret?

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  1. lol, nobody wants to be skinny. Just because someone is skinny doesn’t mean that they are healthy.

    A lot of these people are skinny because they are sick physically and mentally.

    You want to be FIT. NOT skinny.

    Know the difference.

  2. Have a rough estimate on how many calories you eat everyday, it’s better to overestimate. No calories in drinks, or very minimal (less than 50).

  3. When you procrastinate the act of eating you eventually reach a point of no return and it gets really hard to eat like a normal adult again. All your body cab take is like toddler portions so you start losing weight and I DO NOT RECCOMEND THIS. Instead try a nutritionist and to accelerate your metabolism. That’s what helped me in the healthy way.

  4. People who eat less have smaller stomachs.

    But mostly I don’t get any emotional payoff from food. Food’s interesting, I guess?

    And I have high NEAT (hyper).

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