So, having recently gone to a girl’s house for a first date, only to find out she’s under house arrest, one must ask, what are your terrible date stories? What happened?

So, having recently gone to a girl’s house for a first date, only to find out she’s under house arrest, one must ask, what are your terrible date stories? What happened?

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  1. I met a guy who wanted to make me dinner, 19yr old me thought this was a sweet idea. when we got to his house I had to pee. I used his bathroom and when I came out he was naked on the couch and said, “dinner’s served!” I told him I wasn’t hungry anymore and left.

  2. Took my gf out for a special dinner. Both my cards were declined (there was some sort of hold due to suspected fraud).

    Had to drive 20 miles to get another one. Came back to find the waiter flirting with my girl.

  3. Another one, went out for a first date after taking some time off after a bad breakup. There were two girls, one of them looked like a much heavier version of the picture I saw. The other one was very underweight and wearing heavy goth makeup. The heavy one was my date but the skinny one just…tagging along with us.

    She went with us to the movie, went with us to dinner. And never shut up about how much she loved Twilight and how she was team something or other. She started smoking in the car and I asked her to stop, at which point she told her friend I wasn’t cool because I don’t smoke.

    At the end of the night I asked my date why the other girl had tagged along and she said something like “oh, she’s the high priestess of my coven.”

    And that was the end of that.

  4. I had a guy rub precum on me. Just stuck his hand down his pants and rubbed it on my neck. Said he was marking his territory.

    That was the last I saw of him.

  5. Didn’t realise they wanted to court me until they absolutely blew up at me several days after we met up and blocked me everywhere. Then they went behind my back to let everyone know I was totally not attractive and they’re acting like we broke up.

    Honey, you were never even close to dating me.

  6. Set up a date with a cute girl I met in the university library. She invited me to her place. When I got there things went great, as we are watching a movie I heard an alarm go off. She looked me dead in the face and said “ I’m ovulating, please make me a mommy”. I noped out so fast.

  7. I was supposed to go out with a girl, when I got to her house her mom asked me to help rearrange furniture. This went on for 2 hours.
    Then she suggested we just eat with her mom and three siblings. At the end of the night the mom told I could stay the night in her daughter’s room.

    Felt like payment for services rendered. I gtfo.

  8. First date with a guy I knew. He leaned over his coffee and said (rather conspiratorially) “I thought about you when I masturbated today.”

    He then pulled out a cloth napkin. Don’t know why. Don’t know what for. I just left.

  9. Went out with a guy. We had the exact same drinks. He was twice my size. I was fine but he was off his ass. I had to help him to the car, hold his hair back while he threw up, etc. Know your limits, people.

  10. I was on a first date, a fix up by a friend, guy took me to a super nice restaurant. I had set my small purse made out of a scuba suit type of material on my side of table next to the wall. I did not realize the handle had fallen into the candle until it burst into flames.
    In no way compares with a date on house arrest but still, it was hot.

  11. I went out with a man who told me that he’d beaten his previous girlfriend. He explained that she *made* him hit her, so it wasn’t really all his fault.

  12. I was going to go to the dance with her and I was feeling well but I just had to go it felt wrong not too. So we’re taking the usual pictures. During this my stomach decides it’s time to puke and I literally puked on my girlfriend at the time and Id say that was probably the worst thing ever.

  13. Oh let’s see. He showed up already drunk, put down a solid three pints before I’d finished half my first one, was like “give me a fucking kiss” then bit my lip insanely hard, made me tweet that I was going to marry him (he watched me do it, I deleted it a couple minutes later lol) then told me straight up that I was a rebound from a relationship that had ended a couple weeks ago. Bailed as soon as I could. A week later he texted me that he was in my area and could he come over and I could make him some pasta? no ❤️

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