So…what esoteric (non-mainstream) hobby, or activity, are you really into?

So…what esoteric (non-mainstream) hobby, or activity, are you really into?

What do you think?

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  1. I make chainmaille. Think the armor made of interlocking rings that medieval knights used to wear.

    I generally make smaller projects like dice bags and similar things, but I’ve made jewelry, including all the jewelry that the bridesmaids wore at my wedding.

    The biggest project I’ve ever done is a steel vest (weighs only 12lb!). I’ve also made art pieces, like a 1ft by 1ft of a dragon breathing fire.

  2. This is a little weird but I want to say thanks to everyone for having these hobbies and telling us about them. Hobbies, especially obscure ones, are part of what makes life interesting. (I read once about a guy who basically bragged that he had no hobbies, and I thought, God, you must be the most boring person on Earth.)

  3. Not as quirky as some of the other things here, but I’m really into theoretical physics as a hobby. I spend pretty much all of my downtime studying things like quantum mechanics and black hole thermodynamics.

  4. I collect feathers I find while running or hiking.

    I also photograph wild fungi and forage the edible ones I know, although that seems like it’s become more popular lately

  5. I transcribe music into my composition software either by ear or using scores. Sometimes I take ones I really like and make them sound like old video game music. In my wildest dreams I have my own synthesizer, but I have to settle for a free imitation, so a synth-synth. It’s still fun!

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