So who hasn’t tested positive for covid even once till now?

So who hasn’t tested positive for covid even once till now?

What do you think?

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  1. I’ve never tested positive somehow even though I work in a hospital and get public transport constantly. Maybe I got it before testing was widely available and I was asymptomatic cause it’s a miracle I haven’t had it.

  2. I haven’t had covid or tested positive

    Infact it was only last week I got one of those “You’ve been near someone with covid” alerts from the app. Done pretty well for a person with an awful immune system

    *Touches wood 🪵 as a superstitious precaution hehe*

  3. got sick twice wasnt too bad whatever it was. took multiple tests even when family members tested positve none of mine did and im the only one thats not vaccinated. must be luck?

  4. I tested positive at xmas and shockingly my kids and mom, who I live with, all tested negative. There have been clusters at the kids’ schools too, yet they remain unscathed.

    My sister hasn’t either, but she’s been ultra isolating since the beginning and her sanity has suffered.

  5. I’m pretty sure I had covid, somewhat had trouble breathing and was very sick, couldn’t leave the shitty apartment (that I lived in at the time) for two weeks.

    But that went down when the outbreak had just started in my country and self testing didn’t become available until 6+ months later.

    Bad luck I guess, went a bit nuts lmao.

  6. Right here! My son who is 7 and fully vaxxed tested positive after showing mild symptoms. We quarantined and I got a test 4 days later and was shocked to test negative. I’m vaxxed and boosted. Shocked I say!!!!

  7. I haven’t, but I also live in a state with a remarkably good track record so far. I wear a mask everywhere I go to be safe, but I also wear one in my car because I know it pisses off morons.

  8. I haven’t tested positive, and I haven’t gotten sick with Covid symptoms at all. There were several times where a close contact tested positive, and I would go get tested and always got a negative.

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