So, why exactly are so many people shitting on Thor: Love and Thunder?

So, why exactly are so many people shitting on Thor: Love and Thunder?

What do you think?


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  1. After that hearth wrenching opening with christian bale the writing for thor’s character felt a little sarcastic. It was just too much of the comedy of ragnarok and not enough seriousness.

    That being said chris hemsworth is so fucking charming I can’t help but love it.

    The whole sequence where he is giving a battle speech to a bunch of kids followed by those kids genuinly kicking ass was excellent start to finish, absolutely no notes haha

    I think it suffered the same and gaurdians 2 in that it leaned too much on the comedy.

  2. It was slapstick crap the acting felt really off (,like fun making it but just not translating on screen)

    The split,
    Russell Crowe accent,
    The goats,
    Ninny of the nonny,
    Thor monologue every 5 min,

    Favourite characters

  3. Marvel became quantity over quality. They just forced it to be “funny”
    I really liked Korg in ragnarok but in this one he was such an annoying character. So many forced jokes all around.

  4. To be honest, I don’t think it is the best Thor movie, but it is definitely a fun to eatch movie that has at least great visuals. I just watched it on Netflix and had a lot of fun. A good bunch of pop culture references along with a nice message. And even if I was highly critical about the return of Natalie Portman (and still am), I do think that it has a great storyline and brings the relationship between Thor and Jane to a fulfilling ending.

    You can aleays find flaws if you want to, but you should also give credit when credit is due.
    (BTW, Christian Bale made up for a nice villain for the short amount of time he was given.).

  5. Having two daughters, I love that Marvel is working for more female super heroes, they need role models too, just, why does it have to be a version of an already male super hero?

  6. I’ve seen it three times, loved it more each time. That said, I do have a few notes. First and foremost Gorr should’ve been given way more screen time. Second, the pacing of the first half of the movie (right up to about Omnipotencity) felt really fast. That’s not a a big deal in my book, but it would’ve been nice to have one or two more “breather” scenes in there. The rest of my criticisms is mostly just non-issues. I would’ve liked to have seen Jane’s first transformation into Mighty Thor, I think it’s a little weird the Valkyrie just sorta disappears from the movie, Korg was starting to suffer from what I call “Minion syndrome” where a side piece of comic relief beings to take a more central role and ultimately losing their charm (because they worked better in small doses).

    Thor: L&T is my favorite Thor movie, but it does have a few problem areas. That said, the criticism that there’s a joke in every serious scene is just flat out false.

  7. I saw it yesterday because I was in LA and it was hot as hell and I couldn’t check into my hotel for a few hours. The tone is all over the place. Gorr’s story makes him a sympathetic figure at the beginning of the movie. Christian Bale also really gives a great effort. But after that scene it was back to slapstick comedy, then back to Gorr ripping the head off a live animal, then back to slapstick. Gorr’s motivation is that his God abandoned him, and in a way he’s right because all the Asgardian kids get kidnapped and Thor keeps failing to rescue them until the end because even he can’t help but get distracted by his relationship problems. Oh and the strong female character is so strong that they literally call her “a Thor.” Why not give her her own story, name, powers, and lore?

    I’m glad I didn’t bring my kids because there were orgy jokes, too, that were really out of place. It just seemed like a new movie every 15 minutes.

  8. it was the first marvel movie where i said out loud “well that was shit” at the end.

    they tried to add depth but still be funny, and achieved neither. i was constantly waiting to the point where it’d turn around and get better.

    most of the jokes were shit and overpowered the depth they tried to put into the movie. it felt more like a cheap movie parody to me, like the scary movie franchise, and even if they tried to do something like that, it massively missed the mark by being so unfunny.

    the only thing i liked was jane foster getting the hammer and where they went to the gods, which i wish they would have explored way more.

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