Socially shy adults of Reddit who have moved somewhere new, how did you go about making new friends?

Socially shy adults of Reddit who have moved somewhere new, how did you go about making new friends?

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  1. If you’re moving somewhere else then presumably you’ll be working or going to school or something where you socialize with other people. I’ve been in this situation a few times and I tell people that if you get invited to something, you need to go. Even if you don’t particularly want to, just suck it up every now and then. Because if you turn down people every time you’re invited to something then eventually you won’t be invited at all.

  2. I spent a few weeks just kinda checking out the town. Found a coffee shop that had a cool vibe. Started going there on a regular basis, just hanging out and reading the paper for an hour or so. Over time, the regulars started to recognize me and we’d say hi and make a little small talk. There was this big loose group of friends who hung out there a lot; there was usually at least two or three of them there. After a while they started inviting me to sit with them, then started inviting me to do other shit with them. Took about 5-6 months to go from knowing nobody in town to being the new guy in a friend group.

  3. I moved in October to a new city and still haven’t made any new friends at all. I haven’t even try, honestly, because it’s mentally draining for me.

  4. I moved 2 hours away. It’s been 3 years and I haven’t made any friends. I recently bought a motorcycle so I can ride back to see my friends on the weekends.

  5. I’m a single dad and recently became an empty-nester. I have friends, but they’re scattered all over the place and none are near me. We communicate often through social-media, phone, etc. I thought that this would be enough but I wasn’t prepared for how lonely it can be sometimes. I’m not into the bar scene and definitely not a church person either which limits my options, especially here in Utah.

  6. I don’t know. How do adults usually hangout after college? I guess bars but who wants to hear “Nice to meet you” exclusively for three hours anytime you hangout with anyone. I imagine older people usually that are more extraverted usually hangout at volunteering events and will invite eachother to dinner. Do you know how to cook? Perhaps you can work an extra shift to pay for the food, volunteer at a city event, make acquaintances, invite them over for free food, and perhaps you can develop a friendship.

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