Stoners of Reddit, what are false myths related to being “high”?

Stoners of Reddit, what are false myths related to being “high”?

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  1. Not really related to being high, but rather in general that it is not addictive.

    It depends on the person, but it can become very addictive. Not in the same way as physically addictive drugs like alcohol, heroin, cocaine, but the addiction is still very real. Rely on it to have fun, become depressed, have troubles sleeping from withdrawl, destroy relationships. A general crave for weed.

    Everything in moderation, folks.

  2. Marihuana is often stereotyped in movies, series, cartoons, for its hallucinogenic effects, but while hallucinations are possible, they happen rarely and don’t occur in all users.

  3. That the high is similar to shrooms or LSD. Even I believed it was in the same league prior to trying The Marijuana. Granted, I’ve greened out before and it’s not a pleasant experience.

  4. Maybe that you get the same experience every time? You can’t just get high and expect to be taken to a stress free place of rainbows and chill. It tends to amplify your current mental state; if you’re feeling anxious and engaging with negative thoughts, you will have a bad time getting high.

  5. Here’s one from the stoners themselves – that fire cleanses all.

    I know so many potheads who never think about how dirty their weed is before lighting up. Never wash their hands before packing a bowl. Never buy organic to avoid smoking pesticides. Never clean their table before rolling a joint on it. All the time just assuming that the fire will burn impurities off before inhalation.

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