Straight men of Reddit, what is the strangest thing you have been told not to do because “that’s gay”?

Straight men of Reddit, what is the strangest thing you have been told not to do because “that’s gay”?

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  1. I was engaged, and my co-workers knew I was engaged to a woman.

    I was at some sort of work thing, and started talking to a guy who was obviously gay. We started talking about philosophy, and I thought he was a cool guy. I was just like hey, if I ever read “x book” that we were talking about, I’d love to discuss it with you over coffee or something, but I might not read it anytime soon.

    I’d just graduated college, where getting coffee with someone didn’t mean anything, and you just did it if you wanted to have a conversation with them.

    Apparently everyone thought I asked the dude out. I guess I see where they’re coming from, but I just wanted to talk about Wittgenstein with someone who’d read him should I ever read him.

  2. Watch the Eurovision Song Contest.

    I don’t care, it can be as gay as it likes I still want to hear the music. (Although seriously the uk needs to up its game but that’s another story)

  3. A long time ago, it was “Don’t put an earring in your right ear as a man because it signals you are gay.”

    To this day, I never knew if it was true, and it seems patently silly to avoid a right earring if you want one.

  4. Carrying a woman’s purse for her. Yes, a friend of mine said this to me when I had gone to visit her. This was before she married a man she met on a boat trip and only saw twice a year for almost 10 years.

  5. This one time, at summer camp, this guy who’d just been swimming in the lake told me you could tell how cold the water was by how hard his nipples were. “But don’t stare too long,” he said, “because that’s gay.”

    You were the one who told me to look in the first place!

  6. This was a big insult when I was in my early to mid twenties.

    I got called gay for liking cats, having two hands on a mug, forgetting to respect the one urinal of space rule, enjoying men’s fashion, being wrapped up in blankets and God forbid I talked about my feelings honestly.

    Guys at that age are just all jockeying for pole position. For some reason we all went through a “everything that’s not eating beef jerky while having four women make me sandwiches while I simultaneously have sex with them is gay” phase. It was immaturity and lack of confidence.

    Now at 33 I give zero fucks. Imma wrap myself up in blankets and plop a cat on my lap while drinking a steamy mug of something good. Because once you grow up you realize that’s not “gay”, that’s heaven.

  7. I had a roommate before covid. Whenever he was laying on his side in his bed, he HAD to have a pillow between his knees. I mean he ABSOLUTELY HAD TO! He couldn’t not have the pillow.

    I asked why. He said “I’m not a girl, dude. That’s how girls do it.” and I had to laugh at him. Not exactly “that’s gay” but pretty close.

    [What I mean by sleeping on his side…](

  8. Not me, but worth sharing.

    One of my wife’s friends was splitting up from her boyfriend. Apparently all was okay until they moved in together, then his slobbish ways were too much. Considering how skanky she was, that must have been quite a high bar.

    One of his things was constant skid marks in his underwear. It seems he thought that wiping his arse properly was ‘for poofters’

  9. I actually told a buddy of mine to stop wearing an ‘I Love Boston’ T Shirt that had a huge pair of lips formed in a kiss on it. That shirt was really gay! Lol

  10. Letting a girl put stuff in your butt. I have on request by previous bfs so I can see how much joy it can bring cause apparently a guys gspot is in their butt lol but anyways my husband won’t let me do it cause he thinks it’s gay but I just want him to experience head while I put something in his butt. Doesn’t have to be dick shaped and it’s not gay :/

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