Straight men of Reddit, what’s the most homosexual thing you’ve ever done?

Straight men of Reddit, what’s the most homosexual thing you’ve ever done?

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  1. Had a six year relationship with Ron. Funny thing, Ron is also straight.

    But he’s a thoughtful and generous lover. If I was gay I might marry him.

  2. got daily blowjobs from a feminin guy because I helped him beat up an homophobic guy. He wanted more but I was satisfied with his feminine face. After 6 months or so he met a guy and I closed this chapter.

  3. Bought a normal-sized dildo and tried to penetrate myself analy. I could not get it in, no matter what I tried. Wasted an entire tube of lube trying.

    Also, it’s hard to find a normal sized dildo. Most are huge horse sized ridiculous.

  4. I was bicurious for a while so I tried all the basics. None of it satisfied me sexually though I still think giving blowjobs is fun. I also do have homoerotic fantasies or even gender flip fantasies but it’s one of those thing where it’s great in theory but not in practice.

  5. Traveling for work, stuck in a motel for a few days, bored and horny. See a guy offering blow-and-go on Craigslist and contact him. He’s in a motel just down the road so I drive over and wait in the lot as instructed. See a dude leave a motel room and get a message saying to head in. Go into motel room and see the guy from Craigslist looking exactly like his picture– 20 year old skinny white guy in a wig and lipstick, wearing nothing but panties. Only thing he says is that his Daddy is sitting in the bathroom in case anything happens. He gets on his knees and sucks my dick, does a great job. I zip up and leave and that’s pretty much it. Enjoyed the experience, would do it again.

  6. Today me and my male friend went to get condoms… together… and I accidentally said”we have tried them and they’re to small” and then I said “wait we are not gay but like I have tried it by myself and he’s done it by himself”

  7. Nothing besides looking at gay porn. But hopefully something will happen that’s more satisfying than porn is!! Like my a awaiting ass being filled by a real deal oversized cock!!

  8. I’m not gay but me & my friend have known each other a while, kissed & cuddled a few times over the past years after some bad respective breakups (not in a gay way just as friends).

    Anyways after about a year apart after college we both ended up taking jobs at the same computing company in the same city. Was nice catching up and it turned out our company has a generous bonus to employees who adopt, so we moved in together in the fall and got legally married in the spring.

    We’re not like an actual gay couple or anything but it seems like a good way to make some money and help out a child in need.

  9. Ex loved to dress me in lingerie and peg me. Drunkenly made out with a very passable crossdresser because that same ex wanted us to have a threesome but I stopped it because I was sure my butthole was gonna be the star ofnthe show.

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