The lines are crazy at McDonald’s when the food isn’t that good, why?

The lines are crazy at McDonald’s when the food isn’t that good, why?

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  1. Because it’s a 100% guarantee. You always know what you’re going to get for your order, and sometimes you don’t want “good” you just want “McDonald’s”.

    (I actually do like McDs cheeseburgers and fries, tbh.)

  2. Predictability.





    Affordability (relatively).

    McDonald’s doesn’t sell food. That’s incidental.

    McDonald’s sells the list above. That’s why they succeed.

  3. It’s quick and familiar. You know what to expect. And the salt and sugar content make your brain have positive memories of the food there.

  4. The food is bad quality but it does taste good. I make gourmet burgers at home but you can never replicate the taste of something like McDonalds. Sometimes, I crave the bad quality food.

  5. Food is relatively cheap, especially for a family dinner out when Mom is too busy to cook after picking up the kids at soccer practice.

    There are *always* coupons and freebies available if you know where to look. (Check their app—the BOGO Big Mac deal is a perennial deal.)

    It’s consistent no matter where you go in the world—a Big Mac in Paris is pretty much the same burger that you get in Encino.

    There’s something on the menu for anybody in the family—especially the kids.

    Those French Fries…they have crack cocaine in them.

  6. Its cheap. Peoples taste buds are fucked from all the salt and sugar in fast food and ready meals. Once you stop it for a while, its crazy how good other foods begin to taste.

    Salt and sugar are supposed to be flavour enhancers, not main ingredients.

  7. The masses have been brainwashed. How else do you explain that this company was able to convince us that a literal CLOWN was a good representative for a FOOD company?

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