Those who are against cannabis, what’s your reason?

Those who are against cannabis, what’s your reason?

What do you think?


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  1. I’m not against it legally but I greatly dislike it. People I know who smoke tend to become incredibly lazy, boring, and smell like weed all the time. It takes over their whole personality and they can’t seem to go an hour without taking a hit.

  2. My issue with it is that it’s romanticized beyond belief.
    Some people get massive benefit from it. If it helps you cope with severe anxiety, it’s better than being on lorazepam (oh the irony of my username). If it helps cope with pain, it’s better to be on it than an opioid. But don’t pretend like it’s this life enhancing miracle. It’s not.

  3. I’m not against it but it’s certainly not a harmless drug and for some people it can have devastating effects. Same with alcohol and tobacco.

  4. Working in mental health, there are a few reasons:

    Cannabis does cause psychosis in vulnerable people. In some cases, it causes schizophrenia. Admittedly, this is rare, but still an important issue.

    Cannabis that has been industrially grown has an extremely high THC content, because that is what the big buyers want. The price is that they are low in CBD, which means it gives more aggressive kicks and side effects, while the munchies, calm, pain relief etc that everyone preaches about are pretty much gone.

    Like other anxiolytics, cannabis upregulates the brain’s anxiety circuits. Take a look at poeople addicted to anxiolytics (bensodiazepines etc). They don’t seem to have little anxiety, do they? Same with cannabis.

    Cannabis makes you unable to correctly judge how badly you are affected by it. Again, same as with bensos. People have studied this, and they found that if you test the driving capability of people high on cannabis, you find that they do some really dangerous shit. If you ask them how it went, though, they thought it went perfectly. This makes it not safe for anyone.

    All in all, it is far from the worst thing people could use. It still remains a substance with its dark sides.

  5. Serious: A lot of it has to dude with the people behind it. I know people who smoke it who just make it there personality and it’s just so annoying. Other then old people who fell for that old propaganda of it turning people into criminals everyone knows it’s not bad for you in moderation but if you need to smoke it every day then you addicted. I personally have never smoked it and don’t think I ever would.

  6. I don’t see anything wrong with it…if people want it banned then they should ban alcohol, tobacco, sugar, fatty foods. The real things that actually kill people.

  7. I don’t like the concept of drugs. Doesn’t feel right to me. I even hate taking pain meds and important ones my doctor prescribes. That said if someone else wants to use it then they can go ahead and use it in a safe and private space.

  8. Probably the fact that literal kids are on it. Kids generally make things annoying – but smoking weed actually fucks with them and by extension with everyone else.

  9. I’m not against cannabis per se. I just can’t stand the smell of it. Don’t know what is worse, the smell of someone who didn’t shower for a month or someone who smokes that shit.

  10. Stoners are fucking annoying and smell terrible. I hate that stoners (people who use recreationally, not medicinally) will bullshit on and on about the medical benefits as though they care about anything other than wanting to get high and not get arrested for it. Anyone who stands on the shoulders of truly sick people for their own self indulgence makes a person vehemently hate what they’re peddling.

  11. It allows you to sit in your bedroom thinking you are achieving something whereas in reality you would be much better getting out and really doing something.

  12. I don’t care about people smoking cannabis per se, just wish they would not do it in public. The smell gives me a headache and it’s inconsiderate towards vulnerable people (pregnant women, young children, etc)

  13. A drug that alters the mind is not something I want to see commonplace. It is also bound to have long term negative effects from constant consumption.

    Also “Dude weed 420” is one of the most annoying personalities along with vegans and lycra road cyclists.

  14. To many people don’t know how to dose it.

    Alot of stoners are hella enjoying.

    To many people don’t know about the risk and just talk about it’s safer then alcohol while I feel like it’s not really something to compare. (Alc should be restricted harder too in my opinion)

    If the ppl educate themselves about it and use it without bothering there surrounding I don’t give a single fuck it’s your life and you do you.

  15. I’ve been smoking since I was 10 years old. I’m smoking right now.

    Still against it, I don’t think people should rely on it because It’s a huge financial burden throughout your life. I figure if you can find a way to get through life without it then you’d be better off.

    (My problem is I’m a habitual weed smoker, and I use it to cope with my issues. But I’m close to being sober, down to 2 seshs a day)

  16. Most high on cannabis I’ve seen are unable to do anything functional. Or very limited. No driving and such.
    I mean, doing this in your free time is okay, but so many just get into being high everyday all day.
    It’s a real addiction.
    Goes the same way as any other drugs. Saying Cannabis not being addictive is just not true.

    I personally have tried very many different things in my life and find being high on cannabis terrifying! It lasts very long and suppresses normal feeling and thoughts but won’t make you relaxed or happy really.
    (I know none of the drugs do relax or make you really happy, but some psychedelics allow you to understand what makes you unhappy, so..)

    Long story short: for me it’s the heaviest drug EVER. I wouldn’t recommend anyone and I don’t understand how it’s considered light in any way.

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