Those who have pets, how badly do they interrupt you from getting a good night’s sleep?

Those who have pets, how badly do they interrupt you from getting a good night’s sleep?

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  1. My dog chews all night so he now sleeps on the couch. My cat recently started meowing randomly wanting to be petted so if she keeps it up she’ll be there also.

  2. I’ve never had kids but from what I’ve heard not nearly as much.

    I’m a cat person and I’ve always welcomed them to sleep in my bed. Some do some don’t, probably because I toss around too much. I’m interrupting their sleep.

  3. I’m a terrible sleeper anyway but probably once a week my body says ‘sleep’ – my cat, who on all the other nights isn’t too bad, decides that’s the night to be an absolute dickhead

  4. I have three cats, but they usually sleep on my bed, however, at 5am Lettie likes to scream for head pets. Not so bad on school days since I wake up at 5, but it’s torture on the weekends!

  5. Literally never. One of my dogs is a Pitbull and he sleeps like a rock. He actually snores like a human but I find the sound super soothing and it puts me to sleep. My other dog, a Beagle girl, sleeps in bed with me. She likes to cuddle by my feet and keep them warm because my feet are super cold naturally. Both of them together make me feel so cozy its great!

  6. Never, unless he’s licking himself at 2am for some reason. Even then, all I have to do is say his name or “what are you doing” he looks sad, sighs real hard and then goes back to sleep.

  7. Every god damn night I Invision slinging my cats into a sun flare like an ancient Olympian throwing a discus. At the very least drop kicking them into next week. I use a lot of white noise and melatonin 😢 instead of actual violence.

  8. My dog was abused pretty badly as a pup, and I think that contributes to why he’ll sometimes crawl in bed with me in the middle of the night. He just needs to be reminded that he’s safe now and has someone looking out for him. It just wakes me up enough that I wrap my arm around him, so not too bad.

  9. Well I usually sleep on my stomach and sometimes my cat will sleep on my back and it helps me sleep a lot. But sometimes he decided to be an asshole, knowing how loud the bell on his collar is, and do parkour all over my room all hours of the night.

  10. Very rarely unless a cat fight starts nearby. Then my dogs take off outside at high speed.

    My youngest dog actually helps me sleep better by laying on my legs every night, something she has always done.

    I have non stop muscle twitching and stiffness in my legs and the feeling of her weight suppresses the feeling of twitching so I fall asleep easier and stay asleep.

    So she’s actually very therapeutic for my sleep.

    I wake them up multiple times a night suddenly getting up out of bed because of cramps, so affect their sleep much more.

  11. Not at all. My dog goes to bed next to me every night. He is sleeping somewhere else in the house when I wake up. I roll around in my sleep and can sleep through damn near anything. If anything, I interrupt his sleep every night.

  12. Never. My dog is crate trained and he’ll soon be moving from a crate to a normal dog bed. The dog we had before never bothered our sleep. If you’re worried about this, I’d recommend just getting whatever pet you’re considering. And not worrying.

  13. I don’t usually sleep for more than a few hours at a time but if I do sleep for four hours or so he almost always wants to play. So I take a piss and play with him for a minute and he snuggles up to me and falls asleep. That can get annoying too. He always wants to press his weight against me in some way.

  14. Pretty much nightly. Our dog has always had a very erratic pee/poo schedule despite being fed at the same time and generally following the same schedule every day.

  15. My cat is shockingly chill at night and will usually sleep in my bed with me, but if I wake up earlier than normal and move too much, she assumes I’m up for the day and yells at me for attention.

  16. Have a dog and surprisingly, not that often. Only when she either hears my neighbors, slamming the door or talking loudly at night. Or if she has buried some kibble in her pen, and gets to snacking all night, without me noticing. Until I get the midnight wake up bark, cause she needs to do her biz. But barring those occasions, she is a sound sleeper all the time.

  17. My dachshund cuddles up to me and puts me to sleep. He’s pretty good about sleeping all night. It’s generally only young animals that cause sleep disruption unless they have a health issue or haven’t been trained properly. If you’re considering adopting a pet maybe get an adult cat or dog.

  18. Not badly at all! I usually keep my door closed at night but if she sleeps in my bed with me I’ll keep it open. Sometimes she brings toys into my room, or sometimes she jumps up onto the bed to either bother me or snuggle. This morning at like 4am, she jumped onto my lap and cuddled and I was like half conscious, so I think I fell asleep like that? Either way it was adorable <3

    She’s a good girl 🙂

  19. Seldom. My dog likes to move around at night to get into a comfy position but once he’s there he pretty much stays in place more or less. He will wake me up in the mornings by licking my feet, though. Weirdo.

  20. My old chihuahua snores a lot now, and the cat scream/meows at 3am to let you know she’s going to sleep in the bed now

    Other than that they’re fine

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