Time freezes for 6 months and you’re the only person not affected. How would you spend that time?

Time freezes for 6 months and you’re the only person not affected. How would you spend that time?

What do you think?


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  1. Think of the effect that will have on your mind to see the whole world stop and you continue to see it resume Six Months later… you’d be a different person by the time that time came back.

  2. For me, for the first three months I would do things I didn’t have the time or resources to do before, like travel the world. The next three months I would make sure that the rest of my life would be comfortable…

  3. Do I know time will unfreeze in 6 months time? If I did. Will electricity and the internet still be active? Will the sun/moon still cycle? Will the seasons still cycle? Because that changes a lot of things.

    If everything was still working as usual and I knew it would unfreeze in 6 months.

    Steal a car, drive everywhere, teaching myself how to drive without risks and without having to have someone there with me, I’d find ways into bank vaults or at least the tills and take somewhere around 100k

    I’d upgrade all my gaming systems to what I want, upgrade my bed to the best bed for me, I’d go to the pool/gym without feeling shame, get myself new clothes that fitted well to my body.

    I’d probably read books for the first time in a long time. After a couple of months I’d probably start talking to the humans around me as if they could hear me.

    If the internet didn’t work, neither did electricity, and I didn’t know it would be 6 months, I’d probably wait it out for the first few weeks, then I’d start getting ballsey with things, like driving a car, then I’d move onto taking money from banks, as much as I could take. Slowly moving onto doing eveyth8jg else I mentioned above.

    The at some point I’d have an all out breakdown. Probably hop a pharmacy and start experimenting with pills.

  4. Spend as much time at the gym as possible.

    When folks wake up it’ll be all “Holy shit bro you had tits a second ago”

    Meditate. The isolation would kill me.

  5. Make everyone jojo pose


    Oh and steal a bunch of stuff, set random tripwires, and fill everyone’ pockets with kinder surprise eggs for a **REAL** surpise

  6. Go around finding people in the middle of sex when time froze, removing the one being penetrated and place myself there and go to town on a cock that will remain hard (due to frozen time).

    Rapey vibes incoming 😂😂😂

  7. this is one of those showerthoughts I’ve had. if time truly froze, would all matter in the universe freeze too? let’s say you as an organism is the only thing not frozen, what about the air around you? you would be completely stuck in your current pose since the air around you is frozen.

    let’s say you can just walk through the frozen air, and let’s also assume you can breathe. what about when time unfreezes? there’s going to be a spot of vacuum where you used to be, and suddenly all your blood and organs are dotted with air where it’s not supposed to be, probably instantly killing you.

    let’s say that the air isn’t frozen and can move around. then everything air related would be unfrozen, and weather would (mostly) happen as normal. what would it be like for those frozen in time? the weather could go from howling winds to calm nothingness in an instant.

    of course, there’s many other complications. what about water? the stuff you touch? light? I’ve probably covered these in some other showers but forgotten.

    wow. really went off topic. if this 6 month time freeze is known in advanced, bet to someone rich something like “I bet I can master Kung fu in a day”, train for 6 months and then come back for a hefty reward

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