To all people who think America is fucked, what one thing would you change to try and fix things?

To all people who think America is fucked, what one thing would you change to try and fix things?

What do you think?

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  1. Stop electing people in their 70’s or older to make decisions on the future, they don’t give a shit about us or problems that future generations will face they could prevent or at least ease.

  2. Encourage people to work together in thier communities to build mutual aid groups and volunteer together to help with basic things, like feeding the hungry. Loving your neighbor, and making friends with them is the best antidote to political extremism, radicalized and helps directly fix problems right now.

  3. More practical education in public schools: preventive healthcare including but not limited to nutrition and exercise, personal finance, effective communication, and other life-skills like personal hygiene, cooking, etc.

  4. Make voting day a national holiday and make voting mandatory.

    See how fast things change once politicians have to court everyone’s vote rather than just old, white baby boomers (because right now they are the only dependable voting bloc)

  5. Vote and elect people to pass laws and actually legislate. The supreme court isn’t a legislative body and the things they are now dismantling are rulings that should have been codified into law a long time ago but weren’t. I’ve said this before and will again, It’s **not the job of the supreme court to make laws.** Relying on them to “do the right thing” will always be subject to what the members think “the right thing” is.


  6. Fuck political parties, and focus on the climate of your country for starters. Instead of trying to make the other party look bad, maybe try solving the gun problem, or the abortion problem, or the opioid problem.

  7. Get the people more involved and active in the political system while voting. We’re all **really** good at complaining about all these problems, but folks rarely get involved with elections (local or otherwise).

    If people were more active in their communities and participated more often, a lot of the changes we’re looking for could be achieved.

    Alternatively, it would be nice if citizens in general could all agree on some popular changes and hold our own parties accountable to these required changes:
    – Ban lobbying and keep companies out of politics
    – More worker protections
    – Term limits
    – Stricter punishments for corruption
    – Age restrictions on elected positions such as Congress

    These are all positions most people on either side of the political spectrum agree on. My change would be a change in voter mindset: ignore the politicians and their separation attempts to focus on making meaningful changes to stop the bleeding.

  8. Proportional representation.

    Two parties isn’t inherently bad. One party getting 100% of the seats because they had 50.000001% of the vote causes many problems.

    Germany has a great system IMO (and others I’m sure). Any party with more than 20% (or so) of the popular vote gets a seat. It’ll start getting 3rd parties into local govt. My state has a separate ballot for libertarians. Simply having the option helps prevent the Dems and Repubs from getting too extreme, and they do occasionally win. Having a 3rd party with no real power helps to stabilize the majorities since they make up for the lack of power by making more noise…

    Libertarians in my state are really just proper “conservatives”. Less government is better govt. We legalized weed mainly because we hated the idea of the government telling us not to. Not smoking weed is my own decision, damn it.

  9. Voting System, more parties to chose from, lifetime supreme court, gun laww, universal healthcare, college costs, paid arental leave, at least 20 vacation per year…..

  10. Our public education system… the better educated the populous, the better the country. Politicians are against this because it’s harder to manipulate well educated people.

  11. I’d remove racial classification from all government forms, applications, the census and so on. If you are an American citizen, you are American. The history of racism in America is at the root of the modern day need for people to identify as (X-American). You are not white-American, black-American, Latino-American, Asian-American and so on. You are American and should at all times regard your fellow countrymen as one people.

    So much division and inequity in this country is rooted in racism. People don’t immigrate here to unify; they immigrate to join sub-groups then advocate and advance themselves.

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