To all the happily married couples. What’s your secret?

To all the happily married couples. What’s your secret?

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  1. Have an equal relationship. I don’t make rules for you, you don’t make rules for me.

    Use your mouth. Talk problems through until both of you are satisfied.

    Don’t stop dating, even when you have kids. Have a date night every once in a while.

    Don’t be dependand on one another. If only one of you works, the other one should have income on their own in some way to support the family and to be able to leave you if things go super bad, without having the problem of having no income.

    Try to find a hobby you both like.

    A happy marriage needs one thing. A lot of work from both sides.

  2. People say a marriage is 50/50 but it’s not, it’s 100/100. If each party gives their all it will work well. Any imbalance will be felt and cause tension.
    If a marriage is 50/50 you are always waiting for the other person to do the other 50%.

  3. The secret is to think of divorce like death. If you’re gonna go camping say…you don’t say to your team, we might die you know but it’s ok we’ll see what happens we don’t want to force it.

    You have plans. And if you get sick you have plans. And if you gets lost you have a plan. And if someone gets injured you have a plan.

    It’s the same with marriage. If you stop enjoying each other, have a plan or make one- to get that back. If you start feeling attracted to someone else- you tell your spouse and make/have a plan to stop that. If you get really injured, you call in the cavalry and get counseling. Heck, it’s a good idea to go to counseling as a marriage check up!

    And just as in camping, if your team won’t follow the plans you don’t go camping with them.

    If your true love won’t commit to make it work and no matter what to stay in love…they’re not ready to be your true love.

    Edit: been married 22 years almost

  4. If you can’t make a vow that extends beyond yourself you will never be happy. The problem now is most people put their own “feelings” above all else. I put my vow and word above all else. I have my duty, word, and vow to guide me. Chase your “feelings” and tell me how that works out. I doubt well.

  5. Space. Don’t spend every moment together or you’ll drive each other insane. Take time apart and do your own thing at least a couple of times a week.

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