To those who genuinely enjoy doing Math, How and Why?

To those who genuinely enjoy doing Math, How and Why?

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  1. It can be very satisfying to understand and execute with purpose. I think a lot of people dislike math because they just dont understand it well enough. For more complicated math concepts I would recommend 3 blue 1 brown on YouTube. Most of my favorite math videos are from there.

  2. Because there is a definitive answer and I can find it.

    Too much in life has no definite solution. And I can’t even find one of the reasonable solutions

  3. Numbers are constant and irrefutable.

    1+1=2. No ifs ands or buts about it. Math problems are like puzzles, all the clues are there. You just have to follow them to the answer.

  4. Every concept is connected. Things like e^(i)(pi) just affirm to me that math is something to behold. Finding solutions to problems involving numbers just appeal to me.

  5. I break each problem into very small pieces. I’ve always loved solving problems, and I’ve taken so many math classes that I’ve gotten pretty good at it

  6. I like math coz although it might get very complicated, every possible problem you can think of can be written in mathematical terms (mostly in differential terms). If the methods to solve the problem exist, you’ll have atleast an approximate answer that matches reality.

  7. It’s like a good conversation where your homie and you both totally agree. Math is logic conclusions and when you get a proof right, it feels like you agreed with the original author. Also, Puzzle solving is fun.

  8. It’s been a while since I’ve done anything difficult, but I find it fun to go to the grocery store and work out what product is the best value (even though the price tags have that written now). It’s a fun way to use my brain and it’s important as well, so I don’t get ripped off.

  9. I use it in programming which is a lot more fun than doing it by hand in an order that it dictated by a teacher. If you learn what you want when you want and apply it to your own problems it stops being a chore.

    It also helps to know the application of what you’re learning before you learn it. Knowing that linear algebra is used in graphics rendering for game engines (and basically any other graphical software) motivated me more to tackle it.

  10. I like to see the proofs of the formulas or concepts in math, I find very interesting how an initial concept leads to another one that seems it have no relation. Finding a solution to a math problem is satisfactory to me.

  11. The mathematics you do in school can be boring. I did a degree in it part-time a few years back. Just spent time studying outside of my job. Really enjoyed it, especially learning about the concepts.

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