To whom did you lose your virginity?

To whom did you lose your virginity?

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  1. Guy I went to elementary school with. Lowkey we hated each other. It was grade nine, in my backyard, on a Hannah Montana blanket. His best friend watched.

  2. My girlfriend at the time. We tried it in the swimming pool, like idiots. That didn’t work.

    But we figured it out on her mother’s bed. Her mother was out of town at the time.

  3. My girl best friend.
    Three pumps and done.
    I performed well the second time around.
    It ruined our friendship though (for obvious reasons) so I wouldn’t recommend it.

  4. To my high school best friend’s older sister. Second time was with his younger sister. Technically they were both cases of statutory sexual assault. (I was 16. They were 20 and 13.)

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