Vaccinated Redditors: Do you plan to get a Covid vaccine booster? Why or why not?

Vaccinated Redditors: Do you plan to get a Covid vaccine booster? Why or why not?

What do you think?

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  1. No, and I won’t unless my state stops considering me fully vaccinated. I’m low-risk and don’t have any high-risk family members or friends, and so I’m not interested in another shot that made me feel like shit.

  2. I got it. My wife works in the ICU and is dealing with an endless stream of unvaccinated people unsuccessfully struggling to breathe. I’d like to avoid that.

  3. Already got it. I really dont care about the vaccine, it really is not that deep of a situation as the conspirators say it is. I just dont understand why people are against it so much.

  4. I’ve got a hunch that any answer that isn’t “yes” is going to get downvoted, but whatever — they’re just internet points.

    Probably not. I already had covid last December and it didn’t affect me that much. I wound up getting a vaccine anyway in September because I needed it to travel (I didn’t keep my positive test, and it seemed easier just to get vaccinated than track it down), and that’s fine, but I’d rather not be on a subscription model for boosters for the foreseeable future. I’ll reevaluate that if the virus evolves to become more lethal, but that’s not what viruses tend to do, and it’s not what covid’s done so far (the strain I had and survived was causing worse symptoms than omicron).

  5. If the experts recommend it, yes.

    I’ve had that shit once; I don’t want it again.

    To everyone who says no; make sure y’all skip your tetanus boosters as well. No point after all in a booster shot, right?

  6. I got vaccinated, but at this point fuck it.

    I’m not against getting boosted, but I see my doctor fairly regularly. Maybe once a month. I’m listening to them.

    If I feel sick I’ll stay home, I wash my hands constantly, wear a mask, whatever. I’m not going to stick a bunch of stuff in me though without doctors orders.

    I was in a wheelchair when the vaccine first came out, for reference, and I’ve got to get blood work done twice a month or something.

    I’m doing much better, but my various miscellaneous doctors that got me out of the chair? I trust them far more than public opinion. Y’all can eat a dick

  7. Already have been boosted since November, and I will gladly get the next one if needed. Why? As tempting as the Facebook scientists articles are, I am going with Science on this one.

  8. At least not for a few months, here is why:

    * the vaccine is far less effective against omicron variant now, my local covid hospitalization count for unvaccinated people has not changed much for a month, but quadrupled for vaccinated people.
    * the side effects of the mRNA vaccines seem to be worse for the third shot.
    * Our ~~overlords~~ politicians probably will come back in half year and say: there is a newer version of vaccine for new variant, your previous vaccines no longer count, you are mandated to get the new one NOW!
    * Even if the above items are not factor, we do know the effectiveness of vaccines decreases over time, so I’d rather time the shot so that it happens a month before a big trip or event, which I don’t have in the next few months.

  9. Not gonna. By vaccinating we are just racing the virus, effectively breeding it and encouraging it to evolutionist into new variants. If we all just get it at once, and then be done with it we are better off. Got the first two shots to be able to enter restaurants and the pool (been swimming competitively for years) without doing a test 24hrs or less before.

  10. I plan on getting the booster soon, I didn’t have a car for the past two months so it was much harder for me to get there. I felt like shit after getting vaccinated so I want to get it on a Monday or Sunday so it doesn’t screw up my weekend.

  11. I got a COVID-19 booster as soon as it was available where I live. This is because I am a responsible adult and do not want to get sick or get other people sick.

  12. I’ve already had one booster and will continue to get them for as long as they’re necessary. For me it’s just something to get along with my flu shots/etc.

    It’s not worth risking hospitalization/death/permanent damage to myself by being willfully ignorant.

  13. I have gotten the booster already, I will continue to get boosters or whathefuckever as long as competent medical advisors recommend I do so. In my case that is Health Canada and my highly competent Doctor.

  14. Vaccinated and booster. I work in stores surrounded by people and my wife is disabled and covid would probably really mess her up. Not worth taking a chance with.

  15. Yeah I’m going tomorrow for mine. Don’t see why not as I make my decision off what scientists and doctors tell me and not politicians or random internet people

  16. Got my 3rd dose already. Very happy I did! Nuthin’ to it.

    But here’s the deal: In the US anyway, what we were/are calling the “booster dose” (the 3rd dose for Pfizer/Moderna folks; 2nd shot for JnJ) is no longer considered a booster– it’s now considered what you need to be considered fully vaccinated by many employers, agencies, and some states. So a booster really isn’t a booster anymore, it’s necessary.

    They just authorized **optional** 4th doses (which are now considered the boosters) to people who need a genuine boost, like immuno-compromised people, cancer patients, the elderly (because their immune systems don’t work as well as they age), etc. You can get this optional 4th dose 5 months after your 3rd shot.

    I happen to be borderline immunocompromised, so once I’m 5 months from my 3rd shot, I’m gonna get #4. Extra immunity is never a bad thing, and helping keep my neighbors, family, and community safe is the patriotic thing to do. So if you love your country, please take one for the team and stop dragging this disease on forever.

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