What advice would you give to a person who’s about to have sex for the first time?

What advice would you give to a person who’s about to have sex for the first time?

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  1. Take it slow. Take it step by step. Sometimes it just doesn’t work out the first time. Work at your own pace. Be as comfortable as you can be.

  2. Relax, take thing as slow as you need to. Don’t be afraid to communicate, but either way it’s probably going to be pretty awkward for both of you.

  3. MAKE SURE YOU BOTH HAVE CONSENT BEFORE AND DURING SEX! Also, make sure you are both being safe (contraception for both parties) and have been tested before you do engage in sex.

  4. Just enjoy being in the moment. You’re gonna fuck up. Things are probably gonna be awkward. Just focus on having a good time with your partner no matter what happens.

  5. Don’t do things you see in porn lol, porn is shot for the angles and visuals but often times all of the positions they do are very uncomfortable.

  6. Its ok if someone cums fast. Just make sure your partner is also satisfied. There’s always round two if you both enjoyed it.

    Also pay attention to each other’s reactions when touching/sex and communicate if it feels good or not

  7. Don’t get so nervous that you forget to take the condom off when you finish only to have it fall out of your shorts and plop on the floor at 7-11 while you’re getting celebratory Slurpees for you and your girl.

  8. 1. Condom
    2. Your not gonna be great, you both know that, just enjoy the fact that you’re there in general
    3. Shower first, hygiene is key
    4. Set boundaries
    5. Seriously, condom, you may think it’s lame but fuck that noise. Protect yourself regardless

  9. This is because I’m not trusting of people, but I saw a video where he suggested putting hot sauce in your condom after you’re finished

  10. If it’s a woman, masturbate first and get to know your body before giving it to someone else.

    For a men, thread lightly and be patient and kind.

    For everyone else, choose wisely and choose someone that you have a real connection. I did that and my first time was beautiful. Painful, but beautiful.

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