What annoys you about the movie theater experience these days?

What annoys you about the movie theater experience these days?

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  1. Nobody goes to them, having a packed audience and hearing their reactions is part of the fun for me, as many movies are made to be a communal experience. Sadly, unless the Marvel logo is slapped on the poster, hardly anyone goes out to see great original movies playing in theaters (and then complain that movies arent original anymore).

  2. I haven’t been inside a movie theatre since before the pandemic, maybe 2017-2018? I honestly can’t see myself ever going back. Why pay so much to sit in an uncomfortable chair in a cold room with a sticky floor when I can just get it for free on streaming a couple months later? Rather watch things in the comfort of my own home.

  3. Sometimes it’s just too much. Everything (especially the adverts at the beginning) being turned up to 11, sound, flashing lights, really busy detailed screens moving faster than you can take it in (the Lego Movie was the worst for that, I went with an Autistic kid and we both came out feeling sick, despite how much he loves Lego).

  4. The last 3 times I’ve gone to the theater, the movies were either PG-13 or R, yet every time there’s been children of all ages. Crying infants, toddlers running up and down the aisles, elementary age old enough to sit in their seats but still too young to keep their attention focused on a 2 hour long movie and asking questions the whole time. Plus teenagers who roam the theaters and are on their phones. I would expect this if I was seeing Frozen II at 2pm, but a 9pm showing of A Quiet Place II?? Shouldn’t these kids be at home, in bed?

  5. The movies are trash.

    Its all either:

    * the 15th remake of a superhero movie we’ve already seen a million times
    * A blackcentric “white people are scary” copy and paste horror flick
    * Some unecessary kids movie like Cailou 27: Return to Boogaloo Bay
    * Or some terribly boring movie, but with a bunch of big-name celebrities

  6. The “modern day luxury experience” honestly I miss the old school rows and seating, theatre hopping and the pleasure of going in and out. They’ve changed it to like automatic couches which don’t get me wrong is really nice but I always liked how it use to be “cheap date plans” or like casual thing to do. It’s so expensive. It’s like to go to movies I REALLY would have to want to see it. Instead of just streaming it.

  7. How completely cheapened and utilitarian it’s become, despite tickets only costing more. The theaters have lost nearly all of their charm, plushness and sense of showmanship. Many just look like empty cinder block cubes with seats in them now. Add to this the fact they seem more concerned with showing you advertisements than showing you a movie.

    Ask yourself – when was the last time you saw a curtain rise?

  8. Just let me bring my own damn snacks or stop charging outrageous prices. The outrageous price I wouldn’t mind if I was allowed to bring my own. Why not just reserve that for the people who forget/don’t care about price? I bet more people would go and have a better movie going experience.

  9. Same as always – can’t pause, rewind, control subtitles and volume, or relax in my own home with my own drinks and snacks and cats. Can’t stop it and go to bed and then pick up where I left off the next night.

    Have to get dressed and go somewhere, often a half hour or more away. Crowds of people there. Getting back from the bathroom and trying to find your way back to where you were and the people you were with in the dark. Having to climb over people (or have people climbing over you) to get to/from the seat.

    Pretty much everything about the experience is worse than watching it at home. I know some people like subjecting themselves to that, but I’ve never known why.

  10. Requiring assigned seats, using those soda machines that dispense every type of drink known to man kind (designated Pepsi or Coke machines are far superior), stale , chewy popcorn mixed in with the fresh stuff, sticky floors and overflowing trash cans.

  11. Well, these days it’s like this:

    * I don’t have to drive to the theater
    * Streaming has a pause button
    * No noisy people, cell phones, or babies
    * The popcorn and snacks are a lot cheaper
    * I may drink a bottle or two of my favorite beverage
    * I don’t have to hurry to get to the theater on time
    * I don’t have to get dressed (no pants are the best pants)

    Did I forget anything?

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