What are Canadians not ready to hear?

What are Canadians not ready to hear?

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  1. The continued brain drain to the US (particularly among highly skilled and talented Canadians) suggests major social policy issues in Canada that need to be resolved.

    For as much as Canada makes fun of America, Canada needs to look in the mirror and fix the issues that cause high potential Canadians to emigrate. A nation should do its best to retain its home grown talent that it invests so much in at a societal level (and potentially attract foreign talent). A highly educated 23-year old Canadian moving from Toronto to New York is a disaster for Canada.

  2. The Canadian Healthcare System is inefficient and individuals need to take greater personal responsibility for living healthier lives and practicing preventative health measures.

  3. When you put a Canadian flag on your backpack when traveling in Europe to show everyone you’re not American, you might as well be carrying a sign that says “Pretentious Asshole Here”

  4. Your socialized healthcare benefits from the profitized healthcare in the US. Advances in medical technology and prescription drugs happens here because companies can profit from them. Those advancements then get subsidized for the rest of the world who receive them for less. Without Americans bearing the brunt of the costs, medical science would be a lot further behind where it is today. So please stop making fun out our healthcare system, it makes yours possible.

  5. That some of our teen hockey heroes have been involved over decades in rape and gang rape. That sexually abusive hazing goes on in hockey locker rooms. That fees paid by kids’ parents to play hockey were secretly going into a slush fund to silence victims of sexual abuse.

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