What are fun fact about being your age?

What are fun fact about being your age?

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  1. I’m one year off from an age where “Life Begins”, which deep down I hope it’s true considering I’ve done little with it that’s notable up to this point.

  2. Being resigned, the two things that truly suck are:

    Observing old buddies spend away yearly.

    Pushing through the a throbbing painfulness of advanced age to do the things you appreciate. However, I understand that I’m more fortunate than a large number of my companions who have had hip, knee or shoulder substitutions or open heart medical procedure.

  3. That it is amusing how young people think we don’t know anything but we have been here this long and lived half a century almost. So how did we make it. It’s just funny to us when kids say my parents or grandparents don’t know anything

  4. Everyone thinks I’m about 21 when in fact I’m a decade older than what they assume. The look of defeat with younger coworkers helps me get through the day. Very amusing indeed.

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