What are reasons that you enjoy being single?

What are reasons that you enjoy being single?

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  1. I do enjoy the independence. I like not having to wait on someone, and not having to answer to someone. If I want to do something, I do it on my terms. But, I’d be lying if I claimed I’m not lonely. I’ve visited a lot of places and had a lot of experiences. But, they’re all by myself. I have photos of me visiting national parks, tourist attractions, etc., but it’s only me. By myself.

  2. Being in a relationship stressed me way too much. I feel like i have to always message them and always say i love them, it’s too much pressure.

  3. I really enjoy my freedom. A relationship would be a burden to me, and at some point I even start hating friendships. I’m a loner person and I’m definitely happy with that, I’m mentally healthier and I can do whatever I want without giving explaination to anyone.

  4. I’m married now, but I’ll go back to the days when I was single. Being able to decorate and organize my apartment was awesome. I was told once that it looked like the inside of my brain.

    Dating was usually fun as hell. Most people are nice, some people you get to kiss, some people you get to fuck. All in all good times.

    Eating dinner while naked was a plus. Hell, choosing your own dinner was amazing.

    Doing things alone can actually be a lot of fun. Going to the movies, going out to eat, waking walks or hikes. Sky’s the limit

  5. The “freedom” so to speak. I like taking things at my own pace and like relaxing alone.

    Although I do miss being in a relationship sometimes.

  6. It’s a lot easier to indulge the side of myself that’s willfully defiant at the absurdity of existence and laugh, head thrown back screaming into the rainy night sky when I’m not also in a long-term relationship.

  7. Independence and quality time to myself. It also gives me time to do things I love and I don’t have to worry about the person being injured or thrown in prison.

  8. I love being married and having kids, but there are absolutely things I miss about being single.

    I miss playing video games alone for a few hours uninterrupted. I miss knowing where all my money is going. I miss coming and going freely without having to coordinate schedules. I miss grocery shopping for one person.

    Being single can be pretty great in some ways!

  9. Things I’ve found myself enjoying during the past two years I’ve been single:

    * No need to consult with anyone else when making decisions
    * My time is entirely my own, whether I want to stay at party until 2 am or skip it so I can stay home and veg out
    * Sleep better alone in bed
    * No need to worry about having to manage someone else’s anxiety issues when traveling
    * The frequency which with I have sex is entirely up to me and how much effort I feel like putting into finding a hookup

  10. Enjoy being able to do what I want when I want and don’t need to consult a second party to do so.

    I do enjoy being in a relationship for other reasons though

  11. There’s a few aspects that are appealing about being single every now and then:

    1. Freedom and independence
    2. Less stress and arguing
    3. More time that I can spend on other hobbies/friends
    4. Saving more money on a monthly basis

  12. I’ve never wound up on a great relationship. There was always some sort of drama involved and it felt like feelings were never reciprocated to the fullest. I personally felt like I was constantly undermined and they were being completely patronizing towards me. I know there’s better people out there, but I’m not sure I want to try looking for them.

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