What are some absolute BS sayings and quotes you’ve heard in your lifetime?

What are some absolute BS sayings and quotes you’ve heard in your lifetime?

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  1. Stuff like ‘forgive and forget’ or basically anything dictating that you need to forgive or be the ‘bigger person’ if someone has wronged you. You don’t have to forgive that person if they don’t deserve it/have done nothing to earn forgiveness. Instead, do your best to move on.

  2. “It’s not that cold”. So I’m never allowed to complain how hot, cold, wet it is ever because it’s worse somewhere else?

  3. “Just like in chess, a king needs his queen to protect him”…….if you believe this, then you probably suck at chess and life.

  4. I have 2.

    1. “If you work really hard, you’ll make it.”
    Tell that to the Registered Nurses who about killed themselves during covid.

    2. “If you’re doing something you love, You’ll never work a day in your life.”

    99% of people don’t get to do what they love. And those that do, majority of the time it gets stale.

    What they really mean is “find something that either pays well enough that you don’t care, or something that you like enough that you don’t go clinically insane.”

  5. Grow where you are plantet.

    Nope, you’re a human, not a potted Geranium. Take agency, move, make changes until you actually like your life (or can stand it at least). Nothing worse as staying where you are not wanted out of a wrong sense of duty.

  6. You’re a dog-faced pony soldier

    I never spoke to Hunter about his business

    The (insert problem) is Trumps/Putans/Republicans fault

  7. I got laid off from a job, and I ran into the man who hired me on the way out. When he finally acknowledged me, he gave me a kind of sad look and said “sometimes we go up and sometimes we go down”.

    I rolled my eyes and laughed. Then I got on the elevator with him and said “looks like we’re going down”.

  8. Never assume because= ass, you and me.
    There a many things you can safely assume and many things that if you dont assume you would be a fool

  9. “If you can’t afford college just get financing! No excuses!”. Bro every cent I earn working full time is going toward rent, food, and insurance. I need my extra 200$ a month saved in case of emergencies

  10. Respect your elders.

    This is the line older generation toxic people use to get younger people to do what they want and to let toxic people get away with their crappy behavior. If you refused to be a slave to the older generation person you’re “disrespectful”. If you worked your butt for your own money but you didn’t let your parents or grandparents have full access to your money to waste it, you’re “disrespectful”. If you do anything that they deem “wrong”, you’re “disrespectful”. What that line really stands for it, do what I want when I say and I’m allowed to screw you over and hurt you because I’m older than you. I’m pretty sure that line was made up an old guy who was already abusing his kids and his grandkids, and to justify the toxic behavior, he just said “respect your elders” because. The worse part is that there’s never respect returned.

  11. “Just think about something different, like cute animals” god fucking dammit Sandra I want to throw myself off a cliff and this is what you say?

  12. “It is what it is.”

    Nah. You can usually do something about IT, unless it is another person. Then you decide if you want to keep them around or not.

  13. “You can’t can fool an honest man.”
    It usually means people who fall for scam artists had it comming because they are greedy and that made them gullible.
    I think the opposite is true. Honest people often can’t grasp what people will do to scam them.

  14. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

    Sometimes horrible things happen to people and some people never recover or fully bounce back from it. It’s quite ignorant to say to someone who has chronic pain or mental condition. The statement just isn’t true.

  15. “if you’re not happy without a relationship, you shouldn’t have one.”

    There is some truth to this, but that doesn’t mean you can gatekeep someone from a loving relationship simply because they’re lonely and want someone to love and grow with.

  16. “Relationships are hard

    But theyre easy if your in love!!!!!”

    No, its still hard to get yourself out of that mindset that your the only one that matters in your world. Meeting someone in the middle is harder than it sounds.

  17. “Make sure to finish everything on your plate! There’s starving kids in Africa”

    Stuffing yourself vs throwing out your food makes absolutely zero difference to those kids in Africa.

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