What are some bad hiking tips?

What are some bad hiking tips?

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  1. It’s 70F out! You only need shorts and a t-shirt!

    This is a popular trail, it’s probably not rocky or covered in roots, sneakers will be fine.

    The trail map says two miles, you only need one 16-oz bottle of water.

    You don’t need OC spray, the wildlife out here is super cuddly-wuddly and won’t bother you. And those little fuzzy bear cubs love being in your selfies!

  2. Don’t bother researching the area and looking at maps/satellite images before you go to get your bearings. Don’t bother bringing a map and compass, don’t bother learning orienteering. Leave the trails and just have fun! Don’t worry about finding your way back!

    Go hiking late in the day, don’t worry that the sun is going down quick.

    Don’t bother to bring food or water or a water filter. You won’t need any of that!

    Wear regular cotton socks… who cares about blisters!

    Don’t bother investing in proper hiking boots that are sized perfectly to your feet, just wear any old sneaker or shoe… who cares?

    If you are in wooded areas, don’t bother wearing long pants and shirts. Who cares about ticks and other bugs?

    If you are camping at night… Don’t bring a tent, that’s heavy to haul around. Just lay on the ground. If it’s warm during the day… don’t bother bringing a jacket or blanket either, it’s probably warm at night too…

  3. Don’t bring any emergency supplies and don’t bother telling anyone where you are going and when you should be back. It’s only a one hour hike you’ve done a hundred times before, surely it’s impossible to get lost or injured during such a short trip.

    (Most people who get lost on hikes get lost doing regular ass, close to home, done-before trails that they do not expect to have trouble with.)

  4. Bug spray is overpriced. Way cheaper and more effective to buy all the ingredients in bulk and combine them together in a bathtub before taking a dip in the stuff.

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