What are some big flaws when it comes to the design of the human body?

What are some big flaws when it comes to the design of the human body?

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  1. Why is the vagina so close to the anus? Also, the vagina is a nightmare.

    It doesn’t matter that it’s an internal organ, it’s a very picky organ that is never happy and is high maintenance.

    Female anatomy is so tricky. When a UTI is present, is the pain from the urethral opening or the vagina? Where is that burning sensation coming from? Vaginal dryness affects everything.

  2. Standing upright. It was good for seeing over tall grass in the African Savanna and for having 2 free hands for carrying things, not so great for our spines health and resistance against the forces of gravity.

  3. Hair, especially on males has a tendency to “slide” downwards as they age, eventually leaving the top of the head bare and exposed but filling up the back, butt, and chest area annoyingly amply. There needs to be a stronger epoxy on the head to keep the hair there, and a stronger repellent to keep the hair from growing where it doesn’t belong.

  4. Our brains make us function but they can also screw us over. Example: we have an instinct to survive. It’s natural, fight or flight. However our brain can put us into fight or flight mode when we don’t have to be. Things that shouldn’t make us frightened at all can terrify us. Simply because our brain that evolved the survival instinct can’t seem to understand when we need to fight for survival and when we don’t because there is nothing wrong.

  5. The eyes, specifically the retina is backwards. The “support circuitry” is in front and the light sensors are in back. Hence the blind spot and tendency toward macular degeneration. Octopus eyes are done right.

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