What are some common red flags when being interviewed for a job?

What are some common red flags when being interviewed for a job?

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  1. When they mention team building retreats, company catering, open office floorplan to encourage teamwork, when they mention how your personality should be even when it has nothing to do with the job (like “Everyone in the office loves Dilbert, so you should too”). When they brag about how dedicated their employees are that they often stay until midnight for fun. When they say that more hours might be available later. When they say pay is “competitive.” When they make you pay for your own background check (even if they promise to recompensate you – my job never did even when I brought it up). When they give you an inflexible schedule and direction when you’re a 1099. When training is not paid and is extensive.

  2. Not talking about salary/getting defensive about salary negotiations. They want to get away with paying as little as possible.

    “We’re like a family”. Run for the fucking hills.

    “Overtime is expected and compensation is subject to management’s approval”. Nope. Run.

    Constant organizational restructures. It means they can’t make a decision and stick to it.

    If they constantly have job vacancies. It means people don’t stay too long. You won’t likely, too.

    If HR is outsourced. If they’re not within the company, they are not on your side.

    Generally bad reviews of the company on the internet is a no-no for me.

  3. “We work hard and play hard”

    Means you get to work Saturday and overtime for free but they might buy a pizza and coke sometimes for you, so…we cool

  4. They ask if you can work uncomfortable hours = You gonna get a lot of overtime hours

    How early you wake up = You’re gonna be there when it opens and closes.

    Your motivation to work for them = (Money, fucking obviously) but they mean if you’re going to sacrifice your life for the company. Don’t do it. Not worth it!

  5. If they ask if you’re okay with “sometimes” having to put in 60-hour weeks, what that means if that if you ever put in less, they’ll act like you’re not sufficiently dedicated and hold it against you.

  6. If they mention “perks” or “free snacks” or the anything along those lines. Like, no. How about a livable wage? I don’t want your sad sack of stale sun chips.

  7. Went for an interview for a job once where the interviewer was talking shit about a bunch of his staff and made it really obvious that the project he was hiring for was not going to be continuing for much longer than the next 6-12 months, he basically just needed someone to fill the position in the meantime. Noped the fuck out of that once it was offered to me and stayed where I was. Worked out much better for me.

  8. When you go to the interview and they actively steer you away from people taking front line support. Trust me on this one if you’re in a tech/customer support role and they do this. Avoid at all costs. If the interviewer(s) say(s) something like “sorry I’m (we’re) late, we had quite a few interviews before you” then there’s something usually fishy about it.

  9. If there’s a lot of emphasis on how much *~FUN~* it is to work there, don’t even bother applying. I believe in good workplace morale (and the highest I’ve ever personally encountered was at a take-out pizza place, earning minimum wage) but if they are bragging about this, run.

  10. I was in an interview for a start-up where the one of the co-owner just sit there not saying anything.

    A week later I was called in to sign an offer. I saw ‘Managing for Dummy’ on her desk but I have verbally agreed to join so I signed.

    A month later on my first day, that book was used to prop up the monitor.

    I left less than a year, the company lasted less than two years.

  11. Actually, said to me in an interview by the same person.

    “I believe workers in this area are vastly overpaid.”
    “Don’t expect a raise anytime soon.”
    “Do you know so and so? What do you think of him as a supervisor? Do you think he’s a good worker?
    “If you discuss your pay with anyone, you will be fired on the spot.”
    “If we don’t show a profit then we’ll just shut the doors and move somewhere else”

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