what are some fucked up animal facts?

what are some fucked up animal facts?

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  1. Tasmanian devils live in burrows. A male will break into a female’s burrow and attack her. He will hold her hostage for days, biting and clawing at her refusing to let her leave her burrow until he wears her down and lets him mate with her.

  2. Male dolphins will kill a female Dolphins baby in order to force her to make them a kid.

    Female Dolphins found the best possible way they could to counter that.

    Females Dolphins will fuck every Male dolphin they can until they give birth. Why? Well, So all these males can go “Ho shit, maybe that’s my kid” And not only will they protect her from danger, but they’ll also protect the kid.

    So yea, Female Dolphins get an army of bodyguards by fucking a lot

  3. When two hermaphroditic flat worms are going to reproduce, they enter in a process called “penis fencing” to determine which one will inseminate the other. We also speak of “traumatic insemination” because the one that inseminates sticks it’s stilet (hard penislike structure) through the body of the other to transfer sperm (you can compare it to a man sticking his penis into the abdomen of a woman to ejaculate)

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