What are some fun things to do alone on your birthday?

What are some fun things to do alone on your birthday?

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  1. When I was younger, it used to bother me that I had no one to spend my birthday with. Then, one day, I woke up and I realized happiness doesn’t start with others. It starts with you. The only exception, of course, being that other people’s happiness fuels YOUR happiness. So, I started doing things on my own and for myself. It was revelating.

    On my 30th birthday, I rented a car, I drove from Michigan to Tennessee, and I visited the Knoxville Zoo, the Tennessee Aquarium, Ruby Falls, and Lookout Mountain in Georgia. I did it all on my own and, although I do wish I had someone to share these memories with, I don’t regret doing it.

    THIS year (October), it’ll be my 33rd birthday. I’m going to Chicago amd I’ll tour downtown. I’ll visit Chinatown.

  2. I think the most fun I had on my birthday was when I turned it into a self-care day! Long hot shower, clipped my nails, cleaned my ears, massaged my head, and ordered and ate meals and snacks. On my last two birthdays I took out some outfits and compliment myself jskcdhcjs but I spend the rest of the night shopping online.

  3. First of all… happy birthday!

    Brunch, cinema (I love going alone and watching what I want), hiking (less noise, more chance to see and hear birds).

    Where do you live? Maybe someone can give a more specific advice based on your country/city

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