What are some “guy secrets” girls don’t know about?

What are some “guy secrets” girls don’t know about?

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  1. Our mental health, at times, is awful and we are supposed to just grin and bear it. I had a breakdown at work being stressed and over worked, and feeling burnt out. I got told “We all have stress”. We can’t talk about our mental health, and its really challenging.

  2. We don’t get compliments, almost ever.

    So if you’ve ever told a guy that you like his shirt, or that his hair looks nice that day, almost no matter how long ago it was, just know that he probably still thinks about it.

  3. The fifteen minutes we spend in the bathroom is the only peace & quiet we get, that’s why it takes so long.

    We know no one is barging in when we’re dropping a deuce.

  4. **THE NOD**

    Guys have this subtle nod they give each other.

    * An upwards nod says “hey” or “hi” or “sup” something like “cool beard”.
    * A downwards nod is only for deference, like nodding to an older dude, or as a show of respect.

  5. We prefer if you make the first move.

    We might be hard-headed at times, but if you approach us and start flirting in an obvious way, you’ll have our full attention for the conversation and wherever it leads. Sometimes it’s stressful approaching a woman not knowing if she’s open to talk or doesn’t want to be bothered at all.

  6. Well, I read all of the comments down here, and let me tell you something, a lot of things here vary from boy to boy. So take all of these opinions with a grain of salt. I’ll clear a few things however

    1. Yes boys do have female friends and they don’t always have to think sexually about them.

    2. Boys don’t find every girl who approaches them attractive.

  7. Men can pay you a compliment without it being a come on. When I do this in the workplace, it’s always when there’s a third person around, preferably another woman.

  8. We do notice things (new hair cut/color, new clothes, good outfits, etc) for non SO friends and acquaintances. We only don’t say anything or pretend not to notice to avoid being accused of sexual harassment or being called creepy.

  9. So many of these responses remind me of when I was a teenager … makes me feel old

    Maybe showing my age, but one secret is that even if I really don’t like a bro, if they need help and I can do it, I’ve got their back. It’s relatively hard to read a full relationship just from a moment.

  10. You can be very forward with us. We won’t judge you for it. We’ll be thrilled to death that a woman is hitting on us for a change. Having to always take the initiative is both terrifying and exhausting. I’ll fuck pretty much anything female with a pulse that hits on me. If you think I’m attractive, don’t be afraid to express it.

  11. Every one of your guy friends has wanted to fuck you. Every single one. You know that guy you tell us not to worry about? Yea we know what he’s after. We also know you know.

  12. we would without a doubt get sexual with any close female friend we have, if given the opportunity or chance. no matter if you are “just best friends” – we all would make out with you if you let us

  13. We are quick to leave the in the car, slow to leave the car

    We remember every genuine compliment ever said to us. Regardless of what it is and who said it.

    A bunch of people know this I think. However, with negative things said to us or about us, we are quick to forget them but subconsciously never let them go. This is why we get so defensive or insecure about things without knowing why or that we are to begin with.

    Wish I knew why

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