What are some insane privileges you had access to only because you knew someone high up?

What are some insane privileges you had access to only because you knew someone high up?

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  1. A few years ago I worked security for *really* rich and powerful people. I can have a helicopter ride to Cuba (I live in Florida) with a phone call.

    The problem is I don’t speak Spanish and it’s just the ride *there*, no guarantee of a ride *back*.

  2. Tie:

    When Attack of the Clones came out, 2 friends and myself were invited to a closed, and very tight screening. Organized by our friend who at the time, was a high-up at Skywalker ranch. We were the only people in the theatre sitting in the “reserved for Lucasfilm” seats. That was awesome.

    2) Having beers with Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and Edgar Wright and my buddy who knows them, after they screened Shaun of the Dead in Toronto.

  3. Not insane, but a nice perk. My wife was the ombudsman for the Coast Guard cutter I was on in the late 00’s. She was basically the liaison between the command and the families back home while we were underway. So, her role entailed satellite phone calls with the command 1-2 times a week and the CO would always let me call her and talk for a few minutes before he got on for whatever business needed doing. It was a lot better than the daily emails everyone else was limited to.

  4. My friend worked for Red Bull and they were planning a party for the Dallas Cowboys in the Cowboys airplane hanger, and we met the private pilots for Jerry Jones’ jet. They had just done some maintenance on it and it needed a test flight, so they let us come along and we flew to New Orleans and back in the nicest jet I’ve ever set foot in. The main thing I remember is that there were hand painted action portraits of Cowboy greats inset into the panels in between the windows of the jet.

    They totally shouldn’t have let us do that, but hey, we were young and hot.

  5. Behind the scenes access to countless raves in 1990-93 in the SF Bay Area. Lines around the block and the bouncer just waves us in – also all the best party favors. Good times.

  6. The private airport in Cleveland Ohio was packed with to many private jets to land during the Cubs World Series game 7. My buddy who chartered the jet had his grandfather call traffic control, gave them our tail number, we had to file flight plans to land at a different airport. Grandpa called and we were able to request and were granted permission to land once airborne. We beat the weather and got into the stadium for Hayward’s walkoff homer. The celebrity list left in lounge was large and they were dumbfounded as to how we talked our way off the ground.

  7. Dated a chief of staff for a texas politician. She got all sorts of free stuff. Box seats in the at&t suite for a spurs game all sorts of free UT games. Free tickets to beer festivals. Crazy expensive dinners. I really fucked up ruining that relationship.

  8. access to military bases and a monthly allowance from the government because my dad got messed up in the military. I used to joke that the government was paying me to live with my dad. He has PTSD and when I was a child it was absolutely horrific out of control. So yeah an insane privilege sounds a good name for it. Lol

  9. I didn’t know someone high up but the company I worked for had insane perks.

    I got to go to Galaxy’s Edge in Hollywood Studios before it opened to the public . It was a private event and pretty empty compared to what Disney World usually looks like. Free food, drinks and no wait for Smuggler’s Run ride. I rode that bitch 5 times with no wait. I wish Rise of the Resistance had been opened in time for it.

  10. My company built about 120 stores for a chain shoe store. Anytime I wanted shoes I got them for free. I have 62 pair of unworn tennis shoes in the box. Plus a hoodie and two pair of slides.

  11. I thought I was built different because I had access to every windows OS at least a year before it came out because my dad was one of MS’s favorite testers since he did it for free. I thought he knew Bill Gates or something because my dad’s name was also Bill.

  12. I know a guy who hangs out with DJs who do stuff for social media celebrities (tana mongeau, david dobrik and the such).

    I mean i technically could do that if I tried REALLY hard , but he’s a good guy and I don’t want to burn bridges.

  13. closest thing i’ve ever had was a friend told me they were working on a video game i’d be interested in but they had an nda so they couldnt tell me what it was.

  14. Sat on the owner of (big company in my area that gives me away) lap while he let me use a backhoe. Later a different person there let me do the same, only with a bulldozer.

  15. Essentially have the personal cell numbers of multiple medical specialists who generally have appointments booked out for 6-9months (at minimum). I could call one up and get an appointment next week for me or family/friends.

  16. My moms former boyfriend was rich and owned a luxury suv and limo service…i got a rolls royce in burgundy and pink that matched my burgundy and pink dress for prom 😍 stunning!!! He also had a gorgeous ice blue bentley convertible that he let us use for my birthday one year.

    I was an intern at a magazine and then a modeling agency, met tons of celebs because of those jobs

  17. When you say high up I would say high up like in school because that’s the only high up place I got in my life

    So when I was young and in grade 8 ( school of kids to kindergarten to g8 ) I would do stuff like wonder the school and if a kid ask me what am I doing I say I’m older so I’m doing stuff for teachers or what I would do is when a kid ask me why do I control the bus? Well it’s obvious it’s because I’m older😎

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