What are some myths about your job?

What are some myths about your job?

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  1. That we scam everyone with doing repairs that aren’t necessary. I’m a mechanic and well it’s true that some shops are sketchy but my shop doesn’t do such thing. If I see something that might need to be repaired then I bring it up with the customer and talk to them about it, what it dose and why I think it might need to be repaired. If they say no then they say no.

  2. Im a microbiologist. First myth, that became very familiar over the last two years: No, you* don’t know more than me about it.

    *not actually addressing any specific person.

  3. That if I own the company, I must have nothing but spare time. It’s quite the opposite. Most people who got to this position didn’t do it through laziness.

  4. A myth about hospitality seems to be that we aren’t people.

    We are, of course, as judging by my afternoon breaks on the rooftop sobbing after all the slurs during height of tourist season.

  5. IT, specifically mobility and endpoint management. The amount of shit I can control on a mobile device is extensive, the amount of shit that I’m going to control is minuscule because who the hell has time for that?

    So no Johnny, I’m not reading your texts actively, I don’t give a shit that you installed tinder or grindr on the company phone, all I care about is the apps I manage which are walled off in their own little container on your device. The caveat being that if you get in trouble I’m probably going to have to go through your device with a fine tooth comb.

    So if you’re worried about me looking at your stuff, maybe don’t do other things that’ll force me to look at your stuff.

  6. I work in construction. We do a lot of pricey homes. I’m always shaking my head when I see how cheaply they’re built. You’d think a million dollar home would have the best but, nope. Drywall is wavy, wood is bowed, concrete uneven, trash in the walls.

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