What are some not so fun facts?

What are some not so fun facts?

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  1. We are in the middle of earth’s 6th “mass extinction event” and there is almost full consensus that humans are the cause.

    We’re killing life on this planet at unimaginable rates.

  2. The world heating up will cause ice caps to melt, which in turn will cause massive floods, lots of premature death, and possibly a reshaping of the land. I’ve also heard that there are some long-dormant viruses currently frozen in the ice, and when the ice melts, they’ll be free. Humanity is currently divided on whether to do anything to mitigate the effects or continue letting corporations profit off destroying the environment.

  3. A disproportionate amount of important medical discoveries were made by Nazi doctors or doctors affiliated with Nazi policies.

    Which is why in the last few decades we’ve had to change a ton of disease and organ names because we didn’t want people who experimented on concentration camp survivors to be remembered forever.

  4. It is believed by investigators of the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster that the crew was both alive, and conscious for the entire crash, from initial breakup to impact.

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