What are some of the dark lessons that life showed you?

What are some of the dark lessons that life showed you?

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  1. You can’t trust people, even those you love and claim to love you. They will betray you, stab you in the back, and badmouth you to your friends who will then also abandon you because you were portrayed as a bad guy.

    Not even family is exempt from this.

    Human beings are shitty and do not deserve to exist.

  2. Its really really hard to find a friend that won’t inevitably throw you under the bus if needed or completely abandon you once you stop working together. When you do find one, hold on tight.

  3. 1. It’s okay to make impromptu decisions!
    2. If a person cares for, that person will make an effort!
    3. Be kind to someone only after knowing that person! Everyone is desperate to get benefits by playing the damsel in distress!
    4. Always have a 6-month rule in life, before you call someone a friend, lover, etc
    5. Money is everything in the world! If you are poor, you cannot get married, have good healthcare , or enjoy the small things in life!

  4. You can be living your best life and just one bad thing happens and suddenly your life is turned upside down. You never really know what the future holds good or bad

  5. A public executioners office specializing in major crimes for politicians, financiers, religious and other above the law wannabes would be a huge help and the highest form of public service, and confiscating their wealth would pay for the office and rebalance the economy. Used to be militarys job, till people gave control of their protection to the Liars in government.

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