What are some of the dumbest rules you had/have to follow in school?

What are some of the dumbest rules you had/have to follow in school?

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  1. At the end of the school day, the buses could *not* depart until the flag had been lowered on the school’s flagpole.

    If someone forgot to lower the flag, all the buses would just sit there idling, wasting fuel and emitting noxious fumes.

  2. Had to get my agenda signed every day by my parents. Not getting it signed (along with any other of a loooooong list of infractions) would lead to detentions up to suspensions. Go a month without an infraction (they were called ‘steps’….this whole thing was the “step program”) and you get entered into a draw for some cheap little trinket that’s given out, class by class in the monthly assembly.

  3. We were only allowed to have snowball fights in a designated area, and some dumbass thought the soccer field made entirely of gravel was the perfect spot for that.

    the kids that followed the rules got hurt because the snowballs had gravel and stones in them. The others still threw snowballs around and sometimes inside the school too so totally pointless all around

  4. In retrospect, asking permission to use the bathroom is pretty outrageous. Its a basic human need. I never got in trouble in school back-in-the-day, but if I had to go to school today, i’d be in trouble all the time.

  5. I went to a military style boarding school. Every rule was fucking stupid.


    For the first 8 weeks you are a “Plebe”, and eating meals meant you could only sit on the first 3 inches of the lunch chair. Oh, and you had to square your meals, which means grab some food with the utensil, raise your arm straight up to mouth level and then horizontal to your mouth. Insert food, reverse the square back down to the plate, arm back down to your side, and then you can chew. Wash-rinse-repeat.

  6. Well there was the time I got sent to the office for “not following directions” in art class. This was third grade, did it not occur to the teacher that perhaps I had misunderstood the directions or something?

  7. No dark or red nail polish, all girls wore long dresses or skirts on Fridays which was “chapel day” where we’d spend the day at the school chapel, could not use the lord’s name in vain (“oh my God”). Our dress code was stricter than public school for the most part. Nothing goth or emo and shorts had to touch your knees. Definitely had to have shoulders covered

  8. When I was in high school our School board enacted a rule that all shirts had to be tucked in as a way to fight gang violence. All shirts, from Polo’s to T-shirts to Jerseys had to be tucked in with a belt. Wearing a sweat shirt? Tuck it in. The student body walked out of class in protest. It should also be noted that there was very little to no gang violence in my town.

  9. We had an arrangement with the olympic-level sports centre next door that some PE classes would be held there, including virtually all swimming classes, so at least half a semester a year, most classes would go there once a week. The school itself consisted of several buildings in a pretty wide area surrounded on all sides with a 2-3 metre fence with gates in several places.

    The stupid rule was that all the school gates, except the front gate way on the other side of the school from the sports centre, had to be locked except at the beginning and end of the day when kids were arriving or leaving. If you had a class in a part of the school near that gate, too bad, you had to go all the way around, in through the front gate, and then all the way back through the school. If you tried to climb the fence and got caught, that was detention. If you went all the way around, you were late to your next class.

  10. You couldn’t change for gym class in the bathroom or else you’d get marked as not participating, even if you did. If you had body issues and felt uncomfortable changing in front of the other girls, that was your fault for being overweight or developing earlier. The teacher wasn’t allowed to do anything about the other girls shaming you, that was on you to stand up for yourself.

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