what are some of your favorite songs that are not in English?

what are some of your favorite songs that are not in English?

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  1. I like piano music best…it’s not in english, so it technically qualifies.

    To seriously answer the question, though, for real I like [Salve Regina](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mA64yoKJN1I), [Song of Kings](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ePYe3lqsu-g), and pretty much any kind of Gregorian Polyphony.

    I’ve also found traditional music from India interesting, though I have not attentively listened to any.

    Lastly, I’m sure all agree that any recording of Luciano Pavarotti singing is spectacular.

  2. It’s not too hard to have them when you’re not English in the first place

    I can never settle on songs, barely even bands

    But I listen to a big chunk of some of Balkan punk rock, like Masinko, Sank?!, Guzva u 16ercu, Lude krawe, Mortal Kombat, Bajaga, Prljavo kazaliste, Six Pack… And a tonne more. They’re about half of my “favourite” music taste

    German – D’artagnan and most similar stuff that comes up on YT but I can’t remember the names, and Alligatoah

    If I had to pick some, uhhhh

    Alligatoah – Lass liegen
    Masinko – Monumentalna
    Guzva u 16ercu – Mene vise nema
    Sank – 100 godina

    There is a German song that is just hilarious to listen to and watch the video – Fichtls Lied by Die Woodys. I always die when I watch them, even if the content of the song is, hmm, environmental? But the execution…

  3. A random assortment:

    * Te Extrano (Bachata Version) – Xtreme (Spanish)
    * Dragostea Din Tei – O-Zone (Romanian)
    * Perfekte Welle – Juli (German)
    * Je Me Barre – Keny Arkana (French)
    * Love Ya – SS501 (Korean + some English)
    * WHISTLE – Blackpink (Korean + some English)
    * El Gitano del Amor – Latin Soul Syndicate (Spanish)
    * Danza Kuduro – Don Omar & Lucenzo (Spanish)
    * Ana Lahale – Elyanna feat. Massari (Arabic)
    * First Love – Utada Hikaru (Japanese + some English)
    * Megitsune – BABYMETAL (Japanese)

    For reference, I speak English and Japanese fluently but none of these other languages, and this is just a random sample of some of my favorite music that isn’t in one of the two languages I speak. Music is wonderful no matter the language.

  4. (Yes this is all kpop songs lol)

    The Real, by N. Flying

    Mansae and VERY NICE, both by SEVENTEEN

    Kill This Love, As If It’s Your Last, Playing With Fire, Forever Young, and How You Like That, all by BLACKPINK

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