What are some real world loading screen tips?

What are some real world loading screen tips?

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  1. Practice good eating habits young and maintain a moderate light exercise routine. The passive stat gains are insane come the mid game and damn near game breaking late game.

  2. “Remember: Drinking TOO MUCH WATER can be just as bad for your character as TOO LITTLE. Drink enough that your URINE has a light yellow tint.”

    “Don’t forget: Cursing in front of CHILDREN and the ELDERLY can be seen as INAPPROPRIATE. Know your audience!”

    “Advanced players: If lost in the WILDS, remember to build SHELTER before seeking water and food. And if possible, try not to SLEEP directly on the ground.”

    “Not sure if you want CHILDREN? Try adopting a PET first! Learning to take care of another LIVING BEING can be botH REWARDING and CHALLENGING!”

    “On FIRE? Remember to STOP, DROP, and ROLL.”

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